How To Wear Leggings With Ethnic Print

As you may have seen in many shops, leggings with stamped ethnic or tribal have become the main star in the last season. We are accustomed to see prints on the top of garments or dresses, and less on the bottom, so many doubts can arise when combining this type of garment.

Clues About Ethnic Print Leggings

The ethnic prints, tribal motifs and geometric come stomping in recent months in each of our garments, even the leggings. First of all, you should know that ethnic print leggings bring a sophisticated, different touch and are suitable for people who do not have very thick legs.

You can make use of these leggings without drawing too much attention and adding a fun touch to our look. They are suitable for the summer season because they give us a cheerful appearance, and add color to our wardrobe, although you can use them at other times of the year. Anyway, it is not appropriate to abuse the use of the print since otherwise it might appear that we wear a disguise.

Tips For Combining Leggings With Ethnic Stamping

The leggings with ethnic print are favorable with shirts in neutral colorsand tone appears in the print so that there is a better combination. If we bet on gray or black prints, they can be combined with more elegant garments such as a cardigan in one color and a dark T-shirt.

In any case, these leggings are better with the top in gray, black or white and is a basic garment. If you combine them with another shirt printed, the result will not be flattering and you will draw too much attention. Now, for tastes are the colors. But aesthetically it is better not to abuse the prints.

By generally the leggings feel better with long shirts or jerseys, oversize sweaters, mini-dresses or even a skirt in black color. Therefore, with the leggings printed the same thing happens, since they combine well with this type of garments and better still if the top is discreet since the bottom is the real protagonist when we bet on this type of look.

When choosing shoes, we recommend that you bet on closed shoes to have a more elegant look . You can combine it with dancers if you are tall and choose a shoe with a lot of heels if your height is rather low. With booties they look great and give you a fun, extravagant and even more exotic feel.

It is advisable to wear heels unless you are tall, since the prints are colorful and with drawings, so they can make us an effect that shortens our figure and fattening. Instead, if you decide on booties or other footwear with a few inches of heel, you will be stylizing your figure and look better.

A really sexy look is the one that combines the leggings printed with black boots above the knee and a minidress also in a dark tone. It is recommended that the girls have rather long legs and wear them face to fall-winter, because they are garments that shelter. Nor should you abuse the accessories, and if you decide to wear a bracelet with this type of look, it is better to be in black or gray. They should always be simple and not abuse them, or if it is more complex, you should combine them perfectly with your leggings.

For partying, we recommend that if you like this type of leggings with ethnic prints, you prefer better for some that are black embroidered or lace, shoes with heels also in black and a simple but elegant white t-shirt.