How to Wear Large Necklaces


In recent months are back in fashion, among the hottest accessories for women, large necklaces: necklaces with big pendants, and heavy metal, wood. The great necklaces are a fundamental part of a fashionable outfit and accentuate its essence. Still, it is very easy to wear them properly, and it’s easy to stumble into some mistakes. That’s why I decided to write this short and simple (but interesting) guide, to help you in wearing trendy necklaces! Therefore, let us see, step by step, 5 tips for better wear stainless steel necklaces of Wholesaleably.

Don’t wear more than one

The main and fundamental rule of large necklaces is: wear one at a time. The medium to large sized necklaces, in fact, should never be put against each other: the result would be an unpleasant colours, materials; the accessories, sormonterebbero and accavallerebbero on your neck/chest. Don’t make this mistake: necklaces are worn one at a time!

Combine with neutral outfits

The second of my advice is this: If you have in your closet an outfit a little neutral, maybe too serious or single color, you can easily restore life. Large necklaces, in fact, are perfectly simple, plain clothes, no frills.Wear necklaces eccentric and not small will highlight these clothes!

Beware the situation

An important piece of advice I can give you is to pay attention to the type of event and situation in which you find yourself, because a large necklace is not always consistent. For example, a large pearl necklace (or similar pearls) is only suitable for elegant evenings or dances; Instead, a series of metal can be combined with a working outfit.

Coordinatele with the right shirt

Always remember that the bib necklaces -that lately are very fashionable, especially among young women-should always be coordinated with t-shirts, shirts and jackets not too unstuck. Indeed, the great match would be to close the jacket until the last button, and connect you with over the necklace.

Do not overdo it with the other accessories

Here we come to the last of my 5 recommendations. You should know that it is not good to match a big necklace with other accessories such as earrings or bracelets. Not always, of course, but for the most part of cases you may overdo the accessories-if too plentiful-may be naff and ruin the effect of the necklace and the outfit itself.