How to Wear Flannel Shirt Guys

If this were not the case, you know since our visit to Kinloch Anderson: tartan is a Scottish motif, dating back to the 19th century.

The Scottish company was then organized in clans (together), and each had its own tartan, found still on the famous kilts.

The pattern is then out of Scottish borders extend to the sartorial field, before being integrated to the codes of the punk movement in the 1970s, under the leadership of the London designer Vivienne Westwood including.

Today, the tartan has been democratized, so that it comes on several plays casual; the most telling example is the flannel shirt.

It is a versatile piece that can be worn a multitude of different ways, and may correspond to many styles. There is not to be swayed by the tiles, on the contrary!

Look closer…

How to wear a flannel shirt?

Idea #1-wear a shirt flannel with formal parts

A suit worn with a shirt: so far, nothing new. On the other hand, associated with a flannel shirt, the look is more original: contrasts of style, between the elegance of the costume and the relaxation of the shirt will bring a little something to an outfit.

In order to create contrast, do not hesitate to separates your costume, especially if you’re on shades of blue and gray, leaving little room for error. Obviously, this isn’t the most appropriate outfit to wear in a very strict professional environment (banking sector, for example) but for the rest, it’s quite possible.

Precisely, Florian wearing his mismatched shirt flannel with a suit. It supports the side casual shirt, where a United suit would have given a formal record.

The colors of the shirt are respectively taken by the pants and jacket, and are also highlighted by the impeccably cut coat.

Patterns contrast nicely with the aspect uni of the blazer, and reminding those found on the sleeves of the jacket. However, the outfit already revolves around a palette of blue and grey, and can completely operate without a coat.

On a look with cool shades, we can introduce warmer colors via accessories. Thus, the tie wool bright red enhances overall, without so far all of the attention. Again and again, useaccessories to customize your style!

Idea #2-wear a flannel with a vest shirt

Many of you ask us how to wear a vest, because it must be said that once out of context 3 piece suit, you can quickly look like a waiter. To avoid this pitfall, move it with a flannel shirt is a great alternative.

Fond of this kind of piece, Tom has chosen to wear his flannel shirt with a thick vest in gray wool and a good raw denim, the latter completing soberly the vest to the greater design.

Overall gains consistency through the shirt, which includes as well the blue of denim than the gray of the vest. In this regard, he brings texture to all through its rough wool, which opposes the soft rendering of the shirt in an interesting way.

Patterns formed by rafters overlap to the tartan of the shirt, which comes once again enrich and give body to the look. Anyway, put you in mind that patterns of a tartan shirts are not to be hidden!

Idea #3 – wear a flannel shirt in a look of inspiration workwear

Milone reminded us in his file on the workwear, the flannel shirt is a classic of this style.What more normal so as to assemble it with parts thereto?

Like Lionel, fond of workwear, a flannel shirt will get married without any problem with a lane collar jacket and chinos.

To manage the outfit, shoes are in the same tones as the leather of the jacket. Her quilting works a bit like a pattern: it is very visible on the photo. Besides, I pause: it’s a great jacket Eledeven, test to come down soon.

Similarly, there are no less than four separate material on the top of the look, between the lining of the jacket, the collar, yoke leather wool and flannel shirt.

Idea #3 bis – wear a flannel shirt in a look of inspiration workwear

In a register that is smaller that the previous, Geoffrey chose to wear his flannel shirt with a parka, a khaki chino and his boots BGAH-01.

Shades grey, blue and white of the shirt Tartan lend themselves to the introduction of khaki pants. However, you can create reminders by small keys to bind all, as is here the case with the Blue cap, and the gray panels of the boots.

The parka, whose color ranges from grey and olive, refers to the color of the chino while creating a subtle cameo with tartan shirt grey strips.

Without the parka, all still very spontaneous, but especially balanced: a relatively neutral chino downstairs, a flannel shirt with a tartan avoiding a too consistent rendering, and the turn is played.

Idea #4-wear a shirt flannel with a duffle coat

The duffle coat is a men’s room in our locker room, and although I’m not a big fan, I was curious to see how maxim was going to take it.

The association of Navy Blue / beige is a sure (I had to repeat it at least a hundred times), impossible to miss.

The predominantly blue flannel shirt nicely marries the duffle coat, camel. An also contrast layering is immediately out the parts component, putting the shirt in front. It’s more the case that the shirt shows a pattern, unlike the coat. It is the purpose of a color contrast!

Grey denim is deliberately neutral in this outfit: it reminds the grey of the tartan while remaining discreet, which is important given the sharp contrast between the camel and blue (when’re told you that gray supports almost all shades).

We end up with a nice pair of boots componet, creating a cameo with the duffle coat. They add a dimension dressed, who opposes the casual side of the flannel shirt.

Idea #5 – wear a shirt flannel with sneakers

A cotton flannel shirt is a particularly nice piece to wear. The followers of comfort will not be outdone, since you can also wear it with a pair of sneakers.

This is what we propose Remi, combining his shirt with chinos and sneakers, a neoprene jacket (comfort, when you hold us!).

The presence of the teddy neoprene prevents end up with a too simple rendering (although we do not recommend this type of material). Grey tones come again to echo those of the flannel shirt to harmonize at all.

Two passes also Interestingly, overlap because the shirt is fully visible. There would almost be sporting influences.

Idea #6 – wear a flannel with a big mesh shirt

Very intuitively, you can do like Vincent, and wear your flannel with a cardigan in large meshshirt. It is simple, warm and comfortable.

White sole and logo remind the stripes of the tartan, and Navy Blue is distilled in the look. The color of the cardigan, much clearer than the rest, comes to wake up the outfit that would otherwise be too monochrome.

If the purpose of the sneakers is here to relax the whole look, lovers of elegance can replace them with more formal shoes.

Moreover, the interest to associate a shirt with a big mesh lies in games of material that the latter allows to get: sweetness of matter VS texture of the mesh.

Idea #7 – wear a shirt with a leather jacket, flannel

The apparent simplicity of a flannel shirt, coupled with the stronger character of a leather jacket, allows to be on contrasting outfits, and so enriched.

Rafik, passionate about the aesthetics of rock (and visibly angry with her hairdresser), chose to wear his shirt flannel with a brown leather perfecto. And for once, he is not wearing pants outrageously fits.

The shoes of the same color as the perfecto come manage the outfit, which tends to put the shirt in value; It is the only room with different tones.

Always on the colours, there is the association of Navy Blue / Brown that works very well, as well as significant differences at the level of the games between the perfecto leather and flannel shirt.

The flannel shirt colours are sober enough to wear pants nuance more marked, and gray allows to integrate easily a strong like this raspberry color color.

Finally, note wear brightly colored pants is an excellent choice to bring the fantasy by touches.

Idea #8-wear a shirt flannel with cargo pants

I’ll make a confession, it was not the outfit that I had originally planned. I had a pair of jeans and boots in my backpack for the shoot, but I was dressed more casual with cargo pants and the runnings of Buffalo (Yes, for real) leather. Except that I thought that wearing a shirt with jeans and boots, it was a little too easy for you, and you used to see this kind of silhouette.

So I just kept my pants and shoes, and it looks a lot more casual:

In fact, if you have what need you in jean, and you start to make the tour of the possible colors for a chinos, cargo pants remains a beautiful playground, with a focus obviously casual, although I saw in Italy of the looks dressed with this type of room.

Because of this, it is the type of clothing that matches smoothly to this casual shirt.