How to Wear a White Shirt Casually

Posted by admin on October 27, 2016
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Classic white shirt too? With these 25 ideas for looks spotted on Pinterest, you will definitely change your mind about this basic essential!

This is a basic, indispensable for all wardrobes-if it’s not, it’s time to remedy!

The white shirt, classic piece par excellence, we love cut straight and in a beautiful cotton poplin. But if this timeless garment is # 1 in our best list, one tires quickly of its apparent simplicity. Too wise? Too boilerplate? This is only an inspiration! Failure
Reinvent your white shirt sharp and cool version with these 25 ideas for looks seen on Pinterest, and some tips.

White Denim Shirt + = Amour Fou
jeans is like the shirt a must-have piece to match a sweater. And together, it’s a perfect combination. Whether raw or washed out, we prefer tall or straight, more modern than the slim. It is also thought to refine accessorizing this together rather casual: a nice belt , scarf, hat …

Boutonne on top
It’s easy detail that immediately gives a touch  fashion to your outfit: we dare close his shirt to the top, including neck. Whether skirt or pants, it’s immediately more chic.

Games of Sizes And Materials
Piquée to his beloved or purchased oversize purpose, it carries extra large on a skirt, extra long on cigarette pants with a pan tucked into the belt or tied at the waist. Level materials are the overlays play if it is in gauzy veil, or neo vintage Gucci-as long silhouette-with ruffles and lace.

If Sage
jostle your classic! With a rock jacket, sneakers, leather, glitter.. In short, styles in against current slumming for this basic room. In the same idea, one the front door behind, with super long sleeve dress or diverted while to shift and boost the dear white shirt-and raise the rank of fashion hit!

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