How To Wash Bra Correctly

Because it is a piece that is always in contact with the skin, especially in regions where the sweat is usually more intense, it is important to know how to wash bra properly to maintain good body hygiene.

To help you at that time and clarify all your doubts, separated the main information on the subject. See what they are next!

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1 It is foolish to think that the bra does not deserve special treatment at the time of being washed. This way, instead of putting it inside the washing machine with all other clothes, the best thing to wash bra properly is to do this separately, which can be done with the help of a bucket or bowl. You can also use the special bags that protect the parts inside the appliance. A closed pillowcase with a knot also suits.

2 However, the importance of washing the separate lingerie is not only because it is a piece that is usually more delicate and therefore can be damaged easily, but also to maintain safety in washing. That is, the bra is always in closer contact with the breasts and armpits, regions of the body that sweat a lot and are hot, becoming environments conducive to the proliferation of bacteria.

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3 Because of this, when the parts are not washed well, there is a risk that the bra will not be decontaminated properly. It also runs the risk of being contaminated with the bacteria and dirt from other pieces of clothing such as socks and pants. An alternative is to wash your underwear with pajamas, sweaters and other similar items. You can soak them in the dishwasher with a few drops of alcohol or vinegar. For the piece to last longer it is recommended to read the label information.

4 Pieces with embellishments, embroidery , and other details can be washed by hand so they do not spoil. Even when the bra is washed in the machine it should be with other colored pieces, if it is colored, or white clothes, if it is white. This will prevent stains, in that sense, another tip is, when the piece is washed for the first time, wash it separately, in a bucket.This prevents the bra from staining other clothes if it gets too much paint.

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It is also important to use quality products , whether powdered, liquid or bar soaps. The same goes for the softener, remembering that it may be responsible for allergies in the body and thus is dispensable in some cases. All these products should be used just enough. If the choice is to wash the bra in the machine, it is recommended that they be buttoned so that they do not twist and get damaged.

6 If you wash the lingerie in the hand, leave the garment 30 minutes in the bucket with the soap and then gently rub the tissue, especially in the region approaching the armpits.Then rinse the piece with clean water until all the soap has come out. If you choose to use the softener leave the piece immersed in water with a little of the product for a few minutes.

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