How to Use Leggings Properly?Follow These Tips

The leggings are comfortable, practical and can be used in almost any occasion, if we know how to show them off, so many women have become essential parts of their wardrobes.

There are many shapes, styles and colors, leather, cotton, bright, with prints, as you look for them, although the leggings show the feminine attributes, however, there are certain details that you should consider before using them.

– First you must understand that they are not pantyhose orpantyhose so you should not wear them as if they were, forget to use them to go to the office or under skirts or dresses.

– The underwear must be the same color as the leggin. Do not make this mistake, no matter that the fabric is dark, remember that it is an elastic cloth that tends to transparent and would look very bad if your underwear is a different color.

– Following the underwear , we suggest that this is not tight, the leggings fit your body shaping your figure like the models showing on Recipesinthebox and if your undergarment is not adequate everyone will notice because you will mark some rolls.

– Ideally you wear them with shirts , sweaters or long blouses, you do not want to mark your crotch, back or bottom.

– They’re not sportswear, so do not wear them in the gym. There are some specials for this, but not all, the fabric is different and sweat, the exercises can make it uncomfortable.

– And forget the white, nude/flesh/beige, give the impression that you are naked and do not look good at all.

– If your cellulite is very pronounced, they are not recommended for you. See if it favors you or not before you put it on.

– You must try them before you buy them.

– Do not see them as girdles, they are tight but do not mold your figure just adhere to it.

– Do not use them very high.

– Do not wear socks as leggings, never that is a mistake.

– Let them go when it is time, if they are worn or stretched or with holes is time to get rid of them and look for new ones.

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