How to Turn a Cell Phone or Android Tablet in Router


Devices may work as a router via Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth

In addition to connect in Wi-Fi networks, cell phones and tablets with the Android operating system can be used as routers. The appliance can distribute the signal via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB.

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To access these settings in Android, go to the Configure option-the gear icon in the list of mobile applications. Then choose the More menu, to access other areas and select Wi-Fi router according to TIMELESSTABLETS.COM.


To distribute a signal to other devices via Wi-Fi, just enable the Wi-Fi router. With this option enabled, any device you can use your phone or tablet to access the internet.

To have more control over who connects to the appliance, you can create a password for the appliance using the Configure Wi-Fi router. To select the item, you can change the network name and authentication to WPA2-PSK. This type of network security requests a password, which can be created by the user.

The menu also allows you to change the band used by the access point (Access Point) that will be created. The most recommended is to maintain the 2.4 GHz option, accepted by most devices. To connect other device, just search your network and enter the password registered.

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The user can also use a USB cable to connect other devices to the internet. This option can be activated in the same area, the USB Link (tethering).

The device that receives the connection will have behavior according to the operating system. Windows installs a driver automatically. In OS X, you must download the HoRNDIS to activate the feature. However, the add-on is not yet available for OS X 10.11 El Captain.


Another way is to use the Bluetooth devices through the Bluetooth Link option (tethering). When enabled, a second device needs to be paired to the device that sends the signal to be able to access the internet.

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