How to Shine and Shine Your Shoes, Step-By-Step

Bruno Passos wrote some time ago an excellent text explaining what care we should take with our shoes to keep them always with that face again and well maintained.

One of the points reinforced by him was regarding cleanliness and brightness, which can be renewed when you shine your shoes.

“Remember that the first step here is to wipe a damp cloth all over the shoe, so pass a brush vigorously, especially where the leather folds to the floor, as it is in this part that most of the dust residue is deposited.
Caution: Avoid using soap when cleaning. Usually they will have chemical waste that will change the color and damage the material being cleaned according to APARENTINGBLOG.COM.
Greasing is an action that should only be performed after the shoes are completely clean, otherwise you will only camouflage the dirt and not increase the life of your shoes.
The grease should be put on a plain cloth (old cotton shirt is a great request), then passed in a circular way, so you get a uniform result and no color or brightness oscillations. The function of the grease is not only to make it shine, but also to hydrate the leather and prevent it from drying out.”

Brett Mckay of Art of Manliness made a video teaching, step-by-step, how to shine your shoe and leave it with that perfect shine and polish that will give that air of care and attention to detail to your presentation.

The video is in English, but the steps are explained in a very visual way. It can give the play that language will not be a problem.

Youtube link

Anyway, I’ve summarized here the step-by-step, to facilitate understanding while you watch the tutorial.

The materials he uses are:

  • A shoe brush
  • One sock (I would wear a flannel)
  • Shoe polish

Let’s go to the procedures:

1. Remove all dirt with the brush

2. Apply the grease to the sock or flannel

3. Apply grease in circles and small amounts

4. Brush the shoe hard

5. Intensify the brightness with heat

So what tricks would you have to share to make your shoes shiny and shiny as new?