How to Relieve Breast Pain During Pregnancy

Simple tips that can ease the pain accompanying women’s breasts during pregnancy

Her breasts, as well as other body parts suffer intense transformation during the period of pregnancy. The breasts grow in gestation, are much more sensitive and, unfortunately, usually cause pain during the nine months.There’s no way to put an end to this nuisance. However, there are ways to soften these headaches.

The most important advice to avoid pain in breasts is the use of bras with good support, chosen according to the characteristics of each woman. The breasts grow enough in the pregnancy, the skin and the areola are sensitive, and it is interesting that the handles of the bras are larger and strengthened precisely to minimize overhead on your chest.

There are Bras specifically for pregnant women. They are coated with cotton, with wider straps and offer softer and flexible bulges. The seals on the back usually have greater adjustment, essential at this stage of transformation of the body.

Common Bras can aggravate the pain, does it balance the weight evenly and do not always have adequate tissue. At bedtime, a good tip is to use tops gymnastics, elastic tissue.

Advisable to

-Bras with larger handles specific to pregnant women;

-Sunbathing on the nipple for short periods in the morning, before the 10 hours and using sunscreen with a protection factor suitable for your skin;

-Take breast movement by hand (holding the spout with the index finger, while lighter movements make the bosom to sides).


-common Bras

-plugs and nipples

-rough tissues in the region of the nipples

Cracked Beak -the nipple also brings inconvenience the woman during pregnancy. He usually gets dark in the months of pregnancy, already preparing for food to her son. This change may be pain and cracking.

Therefore, use of coated cotton Bras, softer, so that it does not contain any fabric that can be grating on my nipple.Important to check if the fabric provides better skin respiration and is antibacterial.

Moisturizers and creams can be used in the breasts, but it is not advisable to nipples. Very cream can dry the nipple in this period of gestation.

It is important to stay alert to the effects caused by the pregnancy on her breasts. Not just thinking on the issue.Mastitis is an inflammation in the sinuses caused by accumulation of milk, which hinders blood flow and overloads the breast tissue.

Remember that changing the breasts in pregnancy is caused by increased production of hormones that stimulate milk production. Depending on the severity of mastitis, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

The first three months of pregnancy are usually the biggest transformation in the chest, with significant increase of the hormones progesterone and estrogen. The trend is that hormone levels stabilize in the coming months.

Some women get extremely sensitive breasts during pregnancy. Some lucky ones take the pregnancy well. Breast pain are common in the period. The problem is that during pregnancy the pain lasts for long periods.

The classic question is: why the chest gets so sensitive to touch in pregnancy? It turns out that blood circulation increases in this region, causing swelling, pressing the skin tissue of the breasts. In addition, there are changes in the breast tissue. These changes can cause not only pain, but tingling and itching.

Even with these tips, it is essential for the woman to do prenatal care and how to proceed if the sinuses present pain.Make a pregnancy period of anticipation and joy. Avoid pain.