How to Protect Your Shoes When Traveling?

Regardless of whether they are holiday or a business trip, the fact is that you have to pack your shoes and of course to make good use of them. However, your shoes are likely to be damaged during the trip, torn, or it is possible that the soles fall off. If you don’t want to have one of these experiences during your trip, keep reading to find out some tips to protect your shoes when traveling.

1 prevent the accumulation of moisture

You can use a wooden shoe to pack your shoes. This last is a device that fits inside the shoe and helps prevent wrinkles and folds, also absorbs moisture build-up in the shoe as well as keeping its size and original form.

2 Pack your shoes properly

If you’re travelling with light luggage, keep your shoes in a free linen dust bag and keep it between the clothes to prevent damage caused by impacts.

3 practice wearing shoes at home

If you buy new shoes, use them at home first to avoid scraping them from the bottom. This also helps to shape them so that they can better adapt on your trip according to INSURANCEJUST.

4. protection against rain and snow

If you are going to travel to a region with high precipitation levels, then do not take your shoes Favorites and less if they are suede. It takes leather shoes because it repels water more effectively.

5. keep them clean and like new

Make sure you always keep your shoes clean and free of dust. You can clean your shoes with a special cleaner for smooth leather or a Suede brush. Remember to pack these accessories and keep them away from direct sunlight.