How to Protect Your Shoes in the Rainy Season?

They were far behind those days in shoes which considered as a mere necessity. Today, they have taken a very important role in everyone’s life and we are willing to pay any amount to buy a pair of shoes of quality and good brand. Even, there are people who buy a new pair of shoes every month and for every special occasion; but the truth is that among more shoes have greater is the maintenance and cleaning them, especially if their use is very often. Therefore, in this article we give you some tips to protect your shoes in the rainy season.

At first tries to use rubber shoes or rubber boots if you know that it is raining and never opt for leather shoes or high heels. But, if there were no signs of rain anywhere and you’re suddenly surrounded by pools, this is how you can help protect your shoes:

  • Rain water causes bad smell and allows the growth of fungus in your shoes, so I put them to dry and clean.
  • Dry your shoes under a fan, do not put them to direct sunlight since you can wear color.
  • Do not store your shoes in the closet or in enclosed spaces until you ensure that they are completely dry according to¬†homethodology.

Skin shoes need greater care because the drops of water destroy flexibility harming your layers.

  • The best way to protect a shoe of skin is to use a repellent to water and wax for shoes.
  • It’s clean them frequently and especially when they have dust and look dirty.

While these tips should be enough to keep your shoes safely, prevention is always better than trying to damage. One tip, you do not deshagas of your old shoes, tries to give them one more opportunity and take them with you during the rainy season.