How To Match The Denim Shirt

The denim shirt is evergreen that never sets: let’s see how match it in the right way, for an unconventional look … everything denim!

One of the leaders who for some years has strongly back into fashion is undoubtedly the shirt jeans. Clear, washed, very dark, with traditional or press studs, basic and masculine or bulging and decorated, very feminine and romantic.
We discover the many faces of the denim shirt and especially  how to best match it.

The denim shirt? An evergreen suitable for any occasion, just to know how it goes!

Let’s look closely some combination easy to replicate:

– For a casual look just match the denim shirt with black pants orleggings (but only if the shirt is long enough to cover the buttocks).Above? A cardigan and a leather jacket and matching is done, then add a pair of sneakers or ballet shoes

– Rock and roll mood : the shirt in jeans gets along with the strong look, made of leather pants , studded clothing and biker boots . Do not hesitate to pair it with these heads and wear it over the T shirt of your favorite band

– For an evening that requires the heel 12 in the denim shirt it is not at all out of place: wear it with leggings or skinny pants and a blazer or jacket that makes all sophisticated. The key to this look is to customize the accessories: clutch the hand and some sparkling jewelry will complete the set perfectly

– For the most romantic the denim shirt matches perfectly with flowered skirts (those high-waisted, flared), pastel, ballet flats orbrogues  feet and soft cardigan or blazer mini alive

– Jeans on jeans:a particular combination, to be performed with care, is that denim on denim. Wear your shirt with your favorite jeans (or with a jacket in jeans ), even in case of discoloration, just pay attention to one detail: light and dark jeans are fine though, what matters is the wash.The leaders of the so-called  “washed-out” risk not abbinarsi well: with bold colors and free of delavè details you do not run the same danger

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