How to Match a Plaid Shirt


The checked shirt is a leader “basic” that should not be missing in any wardrobe, whether of a man than a woman. The plaid shirt, is a classic revisited in a thousand ways and repeated every season with special, additions and innovations that make it from time to time, always different and trendy. If the summer just around the corner you are looking for some tantalizing idea to renew your look, any suggestions on how to match your plaid shirt you find yourself in these passages.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • Skirts, midi, jeans, leather jackets etc

The first approach that comes to mind is the one with jeans, very classic, because, with a little fantasy, lends itself to a thousand interpretations. Threadbare, linear, washed, faded, dark, with applications frayed, in practice there is a type of jeans, which is not exactly in comfortable with a nice plaid shirt. If you want to renew and rejuvenate this coupled timeless, you only have to play with the accessories and insert, as a whole, heads opposite effect. A combination sporty as that between jeans and plaid shirt, is transformed into something certainly unusual for example, with the addition of a pearl necklace or a bright belt of rhinestones, or still, of a pair of shoe with high heels spiked. Visit men’s shirts store at

If you dare to combine the checkered shirt in a black lace top or a skirt lace perhaps with strategic and seductive transparency, you will get a mix from daring style and very personal.The shirt big paintings creates a nice contrast even if combined with heads of line rigorous or air decidedly ladylike. Try it on a simple and austere pencil skirt, a pleated skirt, a classic trousers, a midi fluid, with an office suit or under a tailored jacket and you’ll see results.

The shirt is fine too big paintings with skin (perfect under a “nail”, the typical jacket biker) or even used as a sympathetic and original cover-ups for the beach, obviously with slippers and bag that resume the color.

The small checked shirt, as well as to sporting matches, it is also suitable for elegant and formal occasions. You can try your hand at “daring” combinations for the most special holidays, for example combining it with other patterns like flowers or rows, but try to mix everything with moderation and measure, to avoid a vulgar effect and extremely exaggerated.


Never forget:

  • Try the plaid shirt even with the very short denim shorts.