How to Make a Leather Jacket


The leather jackets have always held a certain fascination in people. There are many models, and each fits the character of the person who wears it. Exist for everyone’s taste, but very often the leather jacket is bound for motorcyclists or some dark rock trend, but it is a garment that can be worn really by anyone if you chose the right one. This guide will be useful to all those who would like to know how to make a leather jacket. Famously the skin is one of those unisex accessories that appeals to a large number of people, and because it is an overly challenging, lending itself perfectly to different occasions, both because it is a very strong leader, who tends to become more beautiful over time, rather than to age as the other leaders. This guide will be simple and just have a sewing machine and your skin you need to baste in a few days your jacket model preferred. We see then how to do it and visit for bomber jacket.

The first step to create from scratch a leather jacket is to pick up a pattern. If you wish, if you are experienced, you can draw you the template that you like, but there are several papers which propose ready-made patterns. As soon as you have at hand needle, thread and scissors, start to cut out the fabric that you will need to sew the lining of his jacket. Remember to always cut few centimetres longer than the pattern to make the creases and seams. Then around the outline of the pattern the slow spots. Cut out pieces of skin that you will need, including any pockets.

The points represent a very precise lenses to fit the head, therefore should be removed only when you appresterete to sew with the sewing machine, Did this start to whip the head on a mannequin, helping you always with lenses and fitting points, which should be marked on the pattern. Once basted the inner lining, passed to sew perfectly with the sewing machine. This work must be very meticulous, marked also the points where you want to sew a pocket.

After the first basting, now you have to sew all the pieces of skin, formerly cropped. Remember that the skin is much harder, therefore on the sewing machine must be inserted a needle much thicker and a little bigger (some prefer to use the nylon). Sewn on all edges, leaving space to add the zipper. Take the latter measures (to match the two sides) is essential for the success of the work. Once you finished sewing put on the mannequin to remove any remaining threads, especially within the head.
Make a leather jacket isn’t all that difficult, obviously already knowing how to do, but just a little practice and follow the advice in this guide to be able to do it all and very quickly. I just so wish you good work.
Until next time.