How to Look Fashion with Capri Jeans

Capri Jeans or 7/8 Jeans: Where is the difference?

The difference between Capri Jeans and 7/8 Jeans make a few centimeters, because the two models do not mean the same thing. Capris have a 3/4-length and ends thus just below the knee. Jeans 7/8 length end just above the ankle or below the calf. So they are definitely longer than capris. 7/8 jeans are in spring and autumn popular when it or just is finally still warm. You have in the winter but also the perfect boot length if you do not like wearing pants in the shoes. Capri Jeans however clearly belong to the summer pants.


Which character are capris and 7/8 Jeans?

Capris and 7/8 Jeans put the legs in the spotlight. Through its snug fit they are women best with shapely legs. But not every slender woman benefited: The shortened legs let the body size as a whole appear smaller, so the pants little women not necessarily flattering. In addition, the narrow section reveals not only any excess fat, but are also great hips and very thin legs award. but Try always worthwhile: At a little belly you should choose high-cut models, wide hips, you can cover up with broad, long tops.

How do I style capri jeans or 7/8 pants for the office?

If you combine your Capri Jeans or 7/8 jeans with a blazer, a noble tunic or a breezy blouse, you can run into the office this well. Select for black, dark blue or solid-colored jeans models without conspicuous washings. Combined with elegant accessories, a chic handbag and the right shoes make it in every meeting a good figure.

How to Look Fashion with Capri Jeans

Which shoes fit capris and 7/8 Jeans?

With sneakers and sailor shoes you are ready to walk on the beach promenade in your summer. In everyday life, there must be something noble: Wedges, High Heelssein: Wedges Heels Pumps Wedge fit nicely with capris and 7/8 jeans, because they draw attention to the ankle. In addition, you win with a heel back a few centimeters added, since the 3 / 4- or 7/8-length does look smaller.


How to combine white 7/8 jeans?

White on white: The noble color feels most comfortable among their peers! Combine the tight white jeans, a wide, white blouse or a white shirt in boyfriend look. With a white knit shell you create the Romantic look. Maritim is her outfit with a blue and white striped shirt. Good fit white trousers – apart from white – Jean blouses.


Further information

Colors: black, denim, blue, beige, brown, red, gray, white, yellow

Serve with: shoes, jackets, bags, T-shirts, sweaters, tops, blazers, coats, jewelry, shells, sunglasses

How to Look Fashion with Capri Jeans

Capri Jeans – sporty and modern

Capri Jeans are indispensable basics for the summer wardrobe. With a T-shirt or top combined, they are the ideal leisure clothing on hot days. In the cold season capri jeans to see high boots from stylish and sporty. Capri Jeans are suitable for the office, if you wear a chic blouse so. Baur offers a wide variety of bootcut jeans and capri jeans in styles and fashion colors for winter 2016th