How to Identify Real Coach Handbags

The company that manufactures handbags Coach was founded in 1941 in New York. Originally designed to be the same quality as a baseball glove, the Coach is known for your flexible workforce, also for your leather and your stitching. Their handbags and other luxury products are sold around the world, the headquarters of the bus company is today in the original loft in Manhattan where the company was founded. If you ever wondered how old your Coach purse, in a help clarify this doubt.


  1. Find the name given to the style of your handbag Coach. If you don’t know the name, please visit or call your nearest store.
  2. Check the serial number of the purse that is found on a sticker on the inside of the zipper. Before 1990, not all the coach bags have this registration information, by which the bags manufactured before that date are far more difficult to identify. A typical serial number says: In 12-A09 12345. “On” is the number. 09 is the year of manufacture (for model year 2009-2010). The final number, 12-12345 is the number of registration that verifies the style.
  3. Search on the website of the Coach or in a catalog to view the current styles, if you can’t find a serial number. Find the nearest number as a reference to help you in your search. Names of the styles in 2011 include variations of Kristin, Madison, Mia, Poppy, Alexandra, Natalia, Sierra, Waverly, new and Sutton. Use the current catalogs to help reduce your search, as your Coach periodically renews classic styles and collections.
  4. To see the type of “vintage Coach” browse the sites where it is shown. Your bag can match others who sell themselves as pockets of past seasons. Find your Pocket style on photos of numerous posts where you can see the age and value. Please note that the information published on the Internet may not be accurate.
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