How to Dress with Leggings

What to wear with leggings? The Leggings have become in a short time in one of the inevitable clothes in the closet of the woman. However, combine them, or wear this elegantly costs to many girls. We’ll teach you some tips so that you combine your leggings in the best way.

How to dress with printed leggings:

The patterned leggings and are slightly more difficult to combine, as you will depend on the colors of the pattern, to be able to choose garments that combine.

If you want a simpler and more relaxed look you can combine your leggings with a white shirt or cream. If on the contrary you want to bring a more formal style, you have to combine it with black or solid colors.

But there are some leggings, which are the most difficult to combine, these are the of color clear, the first thing that you should consider before buying them is they are not transparenten nor a little and always carries a garment on top long and dark, so create contrast.

Combine leggings and create different styles:

How to combine leggings? The leggings in black are the most typical and easy to combine, regardless of the season. The most common is to take them with longer upper garments to avoid vulgarity and discomfort. A good option is the jersey oversized, this will allow you to keep you warm in the colder months.

You can also use the black leggings with an white shirt, equally long. This is a look that you always be right, and depending on your style, you can give it versatility.

If you want to lead the grunge trend, you can wear it with boots black, a bag and a Biker jacket. If you are looking for a more natural look you can combine it with a bag or boots camel.

As you should know the looks with denim shirts are in trend, this tends to be tied at the waist or open with a t-shirt underneath, this look is perfect with leggings, you can supplement with a vest or brown boots-style cowboy, this look does not fail and will alwayssee you mod to.

Rules for dressing the leggings:

1-. You should never use it under blouses or short shirts.

2-. Avoid the prints of leopards or very bright colours.

3-. The leggings in dark tones will make you see much more stylized.

4-. You can combine them with short skirts, but make sure that the legging reach ankle height.

5-. Combine them with ankle boots, boots or flats.

6-. Avoid using them with heels, unless it is a night event.

7-. Combine them with oversized sweaters for a more delicate look.

8-. Do not use the leggings with sneakers, this will make you look as if you are going to the gym.

9-. If you have pounds others make sure you use wide and long, the top garments to avoid highlight what you do not want.

10-. Make sure that it is not transparent, avoid accidents when you Crouch before you buy a legging .

Without a doubt, the leggings are a versatile garment that give us comfort and freedom, but to carry them with elegance and style, we must be careful to dress them.

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