How To Dress With Leggings To Go To Work

A climate more cold means that the leggings season is here once again.
Apart from being a witness of those who do not have a mirror in your home, or those who faithfully believe that a pair of opaque tights can be used as leggings, if used properly this beautiful and comfortable garment can be actually very elegant.

While leggings are usually reserved for casual use only, they can be used for work, if and only if certain rules are followed.

In today’s article I’m going to give you a few tips on how to use them properly.

First we will start with a few rules.

Rule #1-leggings do not belong to a conservative super work environment
Leggings can be worn to work If the code vestSou of your office isn’t conservative or incredibly corporate.

Typically, codes of clothing in conservative workplaces requireelegant clothes, usually clothing, modest dresses and anything that is very striking.

There is a place for leggings unless the office has the code of casual Fridays.

Although casual Fridays in the corporate world are usually more different than single rules relaxed in the office.

Be cautious and leaves the leggings for the weekend, particularly if you are looking to move or get a promotion because you want to make a good impression or you meet people outside of the office, as customers.

Rule #2 leggings keep separate work and casual leggings

Unless your leggings for the weekend are of a superior quality, keep them for casual use only.

You want to make your leggings to work fresh, not stretched, or washed, or with gradients and definitely are not pulled or broken.

An option that you can consider when you’re buying a new pair of leggings is to use them as leggings to go to work until they look a little worn and then you use them only on weekends.

Rule #3 – never, and I say never, teach your butt

This should be implicit, but nobody should see your backsidewhen these wearing leggings, especially at work.

No matter if recently you’ve been exercising or if you think that your butt is so beautiful that it has to be admired by others.

You should cover your tops, jackets or cardigans.

And I’m not a fan of anyone who teaches her butt while they are wearing leggings in a casual way.
However, in the case of the work, it is not about you, is about your work and what is considered professional. Just don’t do it.

Rule #4-choose heavier leggings

Nothing is worse than a pair of cheap leggings that are so thin thatthe skin is displayed through the fabric.

To work, choose a pair of leggings that are the chunky enoughweight so that your skin may not be displayed.

These days you can get a pair of leggings in almost anywhere.Cheap and slim leggings should be reserved for casual moments, in a given case.

When you’re testing you leggings, bend your knees and make sure they are not so tight on your thighs to display your skin through.

As it is understandable, the leggings worn with time and the effort to use them can create to be seen through the fabric.

When that happens it’s time to get rid of them or degrade them touse them at home or for jogging.

Rule #5-uses your leggings in a professional manner

Even if the leggings are fine for your place of work, and even if the dress code where you work is less strict, leggings with an equally appropriate appearance are considered professionals.

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In many circumstances type tunic sweaters and leggings are very good to go to work, however, this kind of outfit should have just a touch of professionalism.

When you use leggings to work, try to match your outfit with someelegant component to balance the relaxed feeling or choose accessories that raise your outfit.

Leggings may be comfortable, maybe make you feel very good, but remember, you are going to work, must equal Verte professional.

Outfits that you can use to go to work

Below are three outfits that can give you some ideas, inspiration and additional tips on how to use leggings to go to work in a way that is appropriate and professional.
#1 outfit-with a cardigan

I like to use a long cardigan with leggings to go to work.

The Cardigans are great basics for the office and use them gives you an sophisticated look without having to wear a suit.

However, as there are many different kinds of leggings, also different from cardigans there are many types to choose.

Instead of a draped cardigan that you would use the weekend, the idea of a cardigan like more structured with leggings.

I think that a cardigan draped with leggings can be very good if the work environment has a labour code more relaxed or if you add a few accessories to the outfit that you a professional touch.

However, for more structure, a cardigan like that here in the photothat is appropriate when used with leggings that are there.

In this outfit the cardigan should let you put, particularly when you are away from your desktop, interacting with colleagues, etc.

If you must remove you the cardigan then make sure you have a long top as the target is there, that will cover you even when you are not using the cardigan.

For a final touch, I added those grey tendrils, which combined with the detail of the neck of the top, a studded silver braceletand a pair of shoes with Zebra print.

What I like of this outfit is giving a long and defined silhouette.

#2 outfit – with a tunic

Have you ever noticed as the faldas-shorts and dresses are for the fall?

For a casual look, we can be a bit more relaxed with the length of our skirts and dresses, but for work it is smart to be a little more careful.

In cases where even the opaque tights do not offer enough coverage or modesty with a dress in the office, pair it with a pair of leggings is a good alternative.

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When leggings are combined with dresses there are some things that you should keep in mind.

First, normally the leggings look good with camisas-vestidos or tunica-vestido.

In those cases where the style seems more a long shirt instead of a dress in reality.

If you have a dress in question, pair it with a pair of leggings to see if they merged. If not combined and in time the leggings are out of place, this solution does not work.

This tunica-vestido can give you an idea of what types of dressescan be operated.

Here you can see a pair of leggings, and to make the outfit a little aerodynamically, I added a pair of black boots. Finally, this outfit is ready with a pair of Red tendrils.

Outfit #3 – Leggings with a blazer

If you want to show a little your butt in a pair of leggings, there is an alternative for the cotton licrado that the majority of people use.

Looking for a pair of leggings of fabric of Ponte that look like a hybrid between a pair of leggings and a pair of pants.

Ponte fabric is one of the fabrics most wonderful of the planet.

It embraces the body without exposing it due to the thick fabric waves. Ponte fabric is is rapidly becoming one of my favorite fabrics because it offers the structure of a woven fabric and the soft tissue.

You can find this fabric in many forms, from dresses to pants and jackets.

In this outfit I’m using a couple of Ponte leggings fabric to show you how you can get the comfort of a pair of leggings in a way more professional.

While I do not recommend using a crop top or put the shirt on the inside in a pair of pants of fabric wear, you can use them with atailored blazer as shown in the photo.

Around the back is not exposed, but it reveals a bit more than in the other two outfits.

Also, when you’re buying pants of fabric put you to work, don’t look for one that fits both the skin, choose ones which give grace to your body but that leave space for the imagination.

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To complete this look sophisticated, a blouse with hood and long-necked woollen Golden under the jacket, a pair of ballerina slippers gray added a necklace and a gilt tendrils.
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