How to Dress for a Fall Wedding

You do not know how to dress for a fall wedding? If you will have to attend a reception wedding in the coming months, we advise you to immediately start to think about what to wear. First you have to consider that the ‘autumn the weather is very changeable, and you might sometimes see a temperate and pleasant day, but also the bitter cold. Let’s see a bit ‘of proposals to be beautiful, fashionable and with a suitable look at an important event like a wedding.

The perfect autumn look

In our gallery you can find something interesting for your autumn look. If you want to inspire you in a perfect way the colors and atmosphere of the period, the advice is to choose warm colors and suited to the period such as burgundy , gold and bronze as well as beige and brown. As a basis will do a dress of these shades: choose it sheath but also with a form a bit ‘more romantic, combined with a coat or a coat, depending on the particular climate of the day.Essential in this period is undoubtedly a stole or pashmina that you can use to cover your back when the air gets cooler.

Accessories and style for a Fall Wedding

Even the accessories are a must for a very special look.

As I always recommend, however, avoided the excesses. If you choose a very flashy necklace will do just that and will have to be combined with other more discreet accessories such as small diamond earrings.In autumn you can also think of a pair of leather gloves to choose long or short knit and to match the color of your dress; you can also choose to wear a hat, without of course forgetting the rules of etiquette.