How to Combine Your Leggings

Without a doubt, one of the most versatile clothes that you can have in your closet are leggings. Thanks to its high elasticity fabric, adapt to your body, making you feel comfortable to wear them. Today, leggings have become indispensable to many women, both for sports as to dress for any occasion. Therefore, in this article we will teach how to combine them with different styles so that you follow the latest fashion trends.

Leggings have gone from being considered only to make sport, to be used both for every day to be perfect when you need it with simple heels or boots. Prints, geometric, woven cowboy, vinyl, torn… The boutique Apasionatta, we have introduced a collection of more than 30 different models so that you are beautiful and impressive at any time, you’ll love them!

Until you continue reading and discover the different looks that we advise you to combine your leggings, stay with these conclusions: for a comfortable style, combined with athletic shoes and basic sweaters or shirts. Remember that it is always better that the upper garment is a little loose or long, since, except for a privileged few who can afford it by their body type, it is not advisable to take up tight and short clothes. When choosing the leggings that better to feel you, keep in mind that dark colors tend to Stylize, mostly black. If you add a dark garment beat down with heels, next to a garment that is loose at the top, your legs will be longer and your figure will look more slender.

Look ‘Apasionatta’: Leggings with heels and corset

Yes, how you read it. In Apasionatta we adore the combination corset + heels + leggings or jeans, a safe bet for any occasion: an event, an appointment, an exit with friends… With the look ‘Apasionatta’ you’ll be sexy and sensual without sacrificing elegance. You need to dress up a single ‘Apasionatta’ look Ponte leggings, denim, effect our site.              leather, printed or plain, along with some heels and, of course, a corset, the key piece. And if you also add an American, there will be who you stop! Down in the pictures you can see the groundbreaking are the model Irina Shayk, Romina Beluscio and Malena Costa.

Look ‘leather’: Leggings leather effect

One of our favorite looks is the ‘leather’, especially in autumn and winter, where dark colors abound in our locker room, but not everyone is ready to take this risky combination. Some effect leather leggings are easy to combine, but there is a fine line between a look of success and failure, so be careful and takes note of the examples that we share here with you. To show you this style, on the left you have the former Spice Girl and famous designer Victoria Beckham, a fashion icon. Alessandra Ambrosio and the celebrity Kim Kardashian also know this look with outstanding.

Bold and original: printed Leggings

More daring and risky leggings are the prints: flowers, geometric, military, animal print. etc. For this style, we have made a selection of three very different celebrities together, but for which there is no impossible combinations. On the left, you have to the always glamorous, Olivia Palermo; in the middle to the singer Rihanna; and turn right to Kat Graham, actress protagonist of the series ‘Vampire Chronicles’.

‘Denim’ look: Leggings jeans

Black is a basic color that allows you infinite combinations, but the denim garments must also occupy a fundamental space in your closet. Although it is always the same jeans leggings, its fickleness will allow you to design a wide range of compositions. With the look ‘denim’ you will be chic and sophisticated, since with just add heels and an American you can make your wardrobe a 10 outfit. To represent this style, have brought you to the model Rosie Huntington, the singer Beyonce and one of the angels of Victoria’s Secret, Miranda Kerr.

‘Casual’ look: Leggings with maxiprendas

Informal but arranged, so is this look. One of the best ways to combine leggings is using long shirts, coats or sweaters wide covering the hip, being these three items the perfect ally for contrasting legs dressed in close-fitting clothing. It is the best choice to create a perfect balance between the top and the bottom. The ‘casual’ look will allow you to be fabulous without appearing too formal. Ideal for your every day and a perfect wildcard to not break your head when deciding what to wear.

‘Trendy’ look: Leggings with sneakers

If you need to go, while you feel current and fashionable, the ‘trendy’ look is for you. You don’t have to suffer for your feet, because the combination of leggings with sneakers or slippers type victory, flat or platform, they are a success for out of tops, travel, College… You’ll look completely urban and trendy, without sacrificing your comfort.

6 sins when it comes to dressing or combine your leggings:

  • Don’t wear leggings that is transparenten or, use, it becomes worn and, as a consequence, is ongoing.
  • Use your size! Not seen leggings too marked forms of your body. Important also, that underwear is your size, which do not tighten your skin and which do not remove chichas.
  • Do not use underwear in bright colors, it is very likely that it is transparent.
  • Flee from flesh-coloured leggings, you look like you’re naked. What horror!
  • If your leggings are patterned and striking, use solid colored clothing on top.
  • Avoid short leggings or Pirates with booties, the result is a bit ‘pescarranas’ look.