How to Combine the Color of Your Nails and Shoes?

Pedicure? You made! Now the big question is which style of shoes will complement best to look perfect feet, painted and polished. In many parts of the world it is believed that a good pair of shoes will take you to great places and we think that combination with a perfect nail enamel there will be nothing to prevent him from you.

Here we have gathered a list of nail colors to match your shoes that will help you to decide for yourself.

Red with black heels

The red and the black is a classic combination that has governed the world of elegance since long ago. Black heels, a symbol of sophistication and beauty, are a must for every woman. Your favorite black high heels and a bright red enamel add a layer of freedom to your style.

Nude and Red combo

Take the color of Nail Polish and that of your shoes can be a bit daunting, and more even if you’re wearing an elegant red color; to avoid this problem, recommended a contrast of nail color to complement your shoes. The bright colors that have the power to dominate as the Red are best with neutral colors or nude.

Neon but Neutral

During the day, many women prefer comfortable, modern and stylish fun. So if you are still thinking what color Nail Polish wear with casual Sandals for your daily use, out of your comfort zone and dare to try the neon colors to give you light on your feet. This combination is modern, refreshing and cheerful.

Metal and chrome

Are you a fan of hardware? Your metal Sandals would need a chrome color companion to dazzle viewers. The use of this color will serve both to complement your feet and make you feel like a star.