How To Combine Shirt And Tie

In this guide you can learn which combinations are the right ones to wear a shirt and tie. Surely you have not noticed, but surely you make a mistake when choosing which tie to wear. Find out before others notice.

From the most formal stages to the most casual, you always have to know how to correctly combine a tie and shirt. It is a unique opportunity to show your interest in style and take care of your appearance based on When you know how to do it will be very easy to see what combinations work and you will notice those people who do not correctly combine colors and patterns.

What Color Is?

The first thing you have to do is understand which combinations to avoid and which ones work well together. Here you have basic colors that even men can distinguish:

What can we learn from this wheel? Easy, we can see the so-called complementary colors that are shown opposite each other. (Examples: Green and red, orange and blue …)

But how do I put this into practice? Well, to combine tie and shirt the easiest thing is to choose colors that contrast: necktie with a tone darker than the shirt.

And you’ll say, “Okay, but give me examples.” Ok, here you go:

How To Wear Blue Shirts?

With light blue shirt can operate multiple possibilities of colors. But remember, always ties darker than the shirt. Try also with a bright orange tie, complementary colors, a little riskier but perfectly highlight the tie. Dark Green Tie is a safe option that works perfectly

How To Wear Shirts?

Pink shirt with navy blue tie. Choose a navy blue tie with some original pattern. Any of these two or similar would work perfectly:

And if we take a look at the color wheel again, violet is similar to pink, we can use a dark shade of violet and combine it. Can you wear a green tie? Well in principle not but with the right attitude could also be defended. Combine your pink shirt with green tie or khakiand your style will stand out from the rest, but watch carefully!

And With Shirts To Pictures?

Here we find an added difficulty, the patterns. Main rule: the drawing of the necktie should have a larger pattern than the shirt.

You can wear a striped tie with a plaid shirt, yes, they are visible stripes. Avoid patterns like paisley and do not forget the color rules!

And The Striped Shirts?

The safest option: Black tie. And if you want to risk a little more remember that with checkered shirt your tie should have a larger pattern.

And, of course, you can wear striped tie with striped shirts aslong as they are patterns of the same size. You can also wear a tie to tops or paisley

How Do I Combine My White Shirts?

We have put the last one, although it may be the most common because it is the easiest. What tie can you wear with a white shirt? Anyone!Try and experiment, a white shirt lets you wear any color and pattern.