How To Combine Printed Leggings

We invite you to learn about the different ways in which you can use printed leggings. You talk about the designs or patterns more common leggigns and how you can combine them with your blouses and accessories to create a unique style and fashionable without seeing you very loaded designs.

Leggings With Flowers

Floral leggings They are very popular, so much so that now you can find this pattern not only in leggings but also in trousers. To combine the best is to use shades cream or cake, since the flowers called the delicate and feminine.

Also for the riskiest wanting to take them like the celebrities they can use them with thin striped blouses.

Animal Print Leggings

With this pattern, you must be very careful, since if you don’t have it, instead of creating a look sexy could create a look in very bad taste. To combine animal print leggings is best blouses white, black, gray, and for very risky moments, you could even encourage you to green and red.

Be careful to use black coat, blazer or a cardigan to not overload the look and use sober accessories.

Leggings With Geometric Print

Leggings with figures are very funny and often use them only girls who always like to be the center of attention. You can combine them with a blouse a color that comes built-in in your legging, i.e., that if you bring green, yellow, blue and white you can take any of those colors.

And for leggings that come in two colors, it is best to use a blouse of color that come more marked.

Tribal Leggings

These leggings can combine them with almost any color that come built into the design, blouses must only take care to use the same tones that have your tribal; i.e., that if your legging has cold shades use in your blouse cold tones and if your Leggings have earth tones or warm uses the same warm tones.

And this was a roadmap to use printed leggings, then you can also learn vintage print leggings, which are growing in popularity: