How to Combine Nautical Type Shoes?

Nautical shoes, a basic style for modern times, were originally intended to be used by sailors on the ships. They usually have the rubber outsole with duct design which keeps the firm foot especially in wet conditions.
Although this feature sometimes overlooked in modern nautical type shoes styles, they are still a trend and a basic in any wardrobe.

3 ways of how to combine your nautical favorites this season with a high score in the fashion described below.

Striped skirts

Striped skirts, usually horizontal stripes in two colors, combine well with nautical shoes. If you use a skirt in black and white and a few nautical colorful you can achieve a modern and cheerful style. Keep on top of your outit something simple as a t-shirt without sleeves in any of the basic colors and lets that skirt and shoes are the protagonists of your look.


Shorts, with either jeans or Khaki, and nautical Favorites you will create urban and cosmopolitan. This style looks very good when you give a ride around the city since it is comfortable, elegant and easy to use, all at the same time. We suggest you combine them with shorts khaki for a relatively strong but at the same time very feminine look according to

White trousers

White pants are a classic choice to combine them with some nautical type shoes. The simplicity of the pants leaves the shoes stand out the most. It is here where you can use a few printed nautical contrasting with white pants, both complement each other perfectly.