How To Combine Leggings

If there is a garment that is strong this year 2012 are the leggings, versatile and comfortable where they will give us game both to obtain a perfect look in both informal and glamorous occasions.

Everything will logically depend on how we combine them. In this article we are going to try to give you a series of ideas, very interesting and correct, how to do it so that you look as modern as possible. That if, take into account that you have to be selective and choose the option, or options, that most fit our silhouette, our style in general, and how we want to see us, for example if we want to look higher are ideal. Let’s see how to match leggings.

Leather or Vinyl Leggings

This type of leggings cause furor this season as they give us a youthful, urban, rocky and sensual image like no other. We can find them in the best fashion firms and in low-cost stores, always taking into account that their quality will vary greatly depending on where we acquire them. The vinyl ones, logically are more economic and, practically cause the same effect.

If we want to give an informal image the ideal is to combine them with a long rocker-type shirt, short leather jacket or jean type, a casualmaxibolso and flat shoes, whether sports style or military boots. Our look will change a lot if we put them in a black mini dress, chain bag and peep too high-heeled shoes, which stand out for their colorful. The must is to combine them with long chrome jackets, neutral blouses, handbags and studded high heel ankle boots.

Stamped Leggings

This year the printed leggings will be of the most outstanding among those that we want to dress in a comfortable, cheerful and casual, while being able to even wear them on special occasions. It all depends on how you combine them. Almost all the collections that have been presented for this spring summer 2012 includes among their clothes this type of, but without doubt the ones that are going to have more success will be of the typeanimal print . Although we must not leave aside the flowers, or the exotic that will also give much to speak.

The best combination for this type of is to opt for shirts or minidresses in neutral tones or similar to some that have been used in this type of legging. If we chose the animal print in black and white, or beige, the perfect combination would be a nice black or white camisole, with a black leather short jacket, and wedge booties with a heel. In order to avoid making mistakes and overloading our look too much, if we choose the most exotic or floral, there are rules to combine them, tops, blouses or long shirts and single color, and either maneuvers, boots or sandals not too flashy.

Color Leggings

We can find for this year leggings of all colors of the rainbow, we will see a small sample of how to combine them, and we repeat, depending on our silhouette choose lighter or darker shades, and blouse, blazers or tops more or less wide. This type is the easiest to combine since being of a single tone it sticks well with any garment smooth or stamped.

Leggingsgreen bottle: Combined with a khaki brown top, military cut jacket, camouflage shoulder strap and marteens boots. Overall Trendy.

Brownleggings: Combined with a long denim shirt, strapped to the waist with an embossed leather belt, camp bag, and high, flat boots in darker brown leather. Country style.

Dark BlueLeggings: Combined with a long T-shirt and drop of blue and white stripes, sporty white bag, and blue or white wobbles. A look of the most sailor.

As you see there are thousands of ways to combine leggings, so we leave an interesting video in PROZIPCODES that surely helps you to combine perfectly.