How to Combine Leather Jacket This Fall/Winter?

The essential of our wardrobe: leather jacket

It is impossible that passes it, this season the leather jacket is a must in our closet. For some time it has become a classic that everyone carries. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect look. How would this autumn/winterlook leather jacket? How to combine it? Would mistakes be avoided?

The leather jacket has a long past of rebellion, punk movement, aviators, bikers, rockers… He has managed to prevail in the world of fashion as a garment with lots of character. It has evolved in various forms as the bomber or also known as the biker jacket motorbike jacket , and the “perfect” black will achieve a great success, since you back season after season. And for every morphology should be a different shape leather jacket. Here’s a guide to choose your leather jacket and know how to combine it to perfection.

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What leather jacket use according to your body type?


If we are short and thin, the goal is to seem larger. We chose a short leather jacket and give emphasis to our silhouette with a slim-fit. If we are short forms, Let’s bet for a leather jacket in the right spot: not too short and not too long. The ideal is to make a jacket 70cm will thus allow us to hide our ways avoiding crush our silhouette. We will avoid to wear it closed to not mark our forms in excess, also avoid the padded leather that will add too much volume to the look.


If we are tall and slender, we know that all the girls are jealous of us, we can take any jacket. You have much choice, long, short, tight, straight-cut… In short, wear what you like! If we are high with forms, we’ll bet a model 3/4 or a trapezoid shape that will mark our chest and at the same time hide our forms.

How to combine it perfectly?

With its air of rebel, the leather jacket masculinizes our looks. Then the goal will be to give a feminine touch to the whole balance. Apparel, boots, skirts… with what garment wear the jacket leather?


When we want to be well warm beneath our leather jacket, best to wear it with a jersey or sweater underneath. We steal the idea to all the it-girls who love this combination. We think for example of Kendall Jenner, Sincerely Jules, Chiara Ferragni and all the other fashion bloggers from around the world. We also want the look!


You have been advised in our article “the colors of the autumn/winter 2016-2017”, the rose will be the color of trend of the season. In addition, provides the feminine touch necessary to cut with side rock ‘n’ roll and masculine leather jacket. Ultimately, we have no hesitation to combine the two trends in our look. We can also think of a pale pink lace dress which is part of the autumn/winter trends.


Perfect symbol of femininity, choose a skirt to associate with our leather jacket. The “perfect” is not a comfortable or very thick jacket so we can add a style jersey sailor so he has us more. To break with the girly skirt side, also we can pick a sweatshirt.


If we want to play the card of the total rock ‘n’ roll look, then choose a shirt of groups, also known as the band t-shirts, which are in the top of the success this season. To lend a feminine touch to our look, we look a few leather booties, we keep the same spirit rock from head to toe.


Bohemian long dress, the dress shirt, or even the slipdress (to know what dresses trend this season and know how to combine them, “dresses to wear in autumn/winter Ideas” article will answer your questions), what is certain is that they are couples ideal to go with a leather jacket. We can add a girly with a few high heels bootsair, a more casual look with a white sneakers or a look rock with a leather booties.


It is not an obligation to bet on a dress or a skirt, if we love our black jeans as we will not hesitate to use them. To do this, choose a top with detail lace that it will change everything. A touch of sensuality to feminize our look.

What is your favorite look to match a leather jacket?

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