How to Choose the Right Sports Bra: Keys to the Perfect Garment

Choosing a sports bra that is adapted to our physical is key. It depends on the future strength of the chest, it is still a topic that not all women will dominate. They do it with models of daily and much less those exclusively used to go to the gym or go jogging.

When looking for the right sports bra should be taken into account which sport is to practice and the volume of the person’s chest. “In the room as pilatesexercises, yoga or fitness is not as necessary as in which are carried out at air free, such as running, or even some indoor like crossfit or jump”, says Juan Ruiz, trainer and head of the Center’s training staff.

It is normal to find three levels, associated with different degrees of intensity, that what you should look for on the label. “The low-intensity are indicated for session of yoga or pilates”, explains Laura Bou, Nike product expert. Medium intensity, on the other hand, are more varied, since there are indicated for both basketball and volleyball, athletics, tennis or zumba. “The high restraint are a continuing activities such as running, the”

Boxing, crossfit, tabata or bootcamp”, continues.

The size of the breast is also an important factor because it will determine the type of subject. “Typically, there are two forms of restraint: by compression or gathering”, explains Ruiz. Typically compression is intended for small breasts and gathering for greater volume.

The containment of the chest is important because the objective is to prevent the movement. “Thus, minimizing the effort of ligament of cooper, which ends up suffer repeated movements or impacts. In addition, in some cases, also can be producing small cracks in ribs”, says Laura Bou, who insists that these risks for the lack of use of the sports bra are the same for all sizes, so there is no trust if it has a small chest.

Tips to choose bra: