How to Choose the Right Size Bra

Also, you choose your underwear mostly by design? Sure it does, it does so most of us. Cut and shape is much more important. But how to choose the right bra?

When you walk down the street, try to look around and you’ll notice how could such an inappropriate choice of harm silhouette figures. Under clothing looming unsightly bulges and bra circuit moves back upward almost over blades. And if a woman has a bra during the day to edit, they have the wrong size!

But how to know that you have the right size?
First, you need to measure the circumference of the chest under the breasts, giving you the approximate size bra. Circuit under the breast is measured on tight, during exhalation and circumference bra should be about 5 to 10 centimeters smaller than the measured size. That is, if your circuit 78, you should select a bra with the circuit 70. According to the final size as a reference when selecting a bra that you should try first. To be sure, it is not too loose, turn it on last hooks.

Test your fingers
in the back part would be under your bra should not fit more than two fingers if you can fit more of them there, reach even after a smaller size according to

In front of you would not come under Kostic even one finger. Underwire should fit perfectly on the chest. If, however, sticks out his finger and you just can not fit, reach for larger cup sizes.

I hangers you can test it with your fingers. Under the arm would again be comfortably fit two fingers, then he would not have straps to cut or fall.

The right size bra is a circuit where you sit tightly around the body is turned horizontally and NOT TAKING back up. You can test it again by lifting your hands up or you lean forward, if everything stays in its place, you have the right one.

Another problem is the cupcake. The wrong choice can cause deformation. Underwire should breast copied across its width and ending at the armpit. Therefore, it is good to try different types of bras, such as unreinforced, reinforced padded, balcony, push-ups and much more can be found for example in our store.

If cupcake summarizes crouching or otherwise changes shape, it needs a different size. If projecting cups are too big and vice versa are too small if breast bisects and creates a kind of “ass”.