How to Choose the Right Jean for a Woman

Learn how to choose the right Jean for a woman. In every woman’s closet should not miss the jeans, they are an essential piece.

Shopping malls can be found plenty of models, such as: flared, hip, skinny, semicadera, etc. and which are fashionable today are the jeans at the waist. But, it is a bit difficult to get these jeans without problem and in any Mall.

Now, to choose the perfect pants, that you be spun and as you want, you should try before a lot of jeans to find pants that fit most us favors for each of us, because not all are going to need the same model of pants.

What if you must be safe, it is that if there are any perfect jeans for you out there, avoid the mistake that many make, which is buy pants jeans that are very long.

Most of the jeans are stretched as we are using it, so that when you go to buy one make sure it is a little tight.

Then you leave some tips to find trousers ideal for your body, just be a little bit of patience.

* If you want to look thin, then use dark jeans pants, since while more dark are, more thin will make you see.

If you’re a very proportionate girl’s rear and want to hide it a bit, you choose pants that have wide legs, better said that they are straight and ultimately not very tight (cut cowboy or view Writingles).

* If you don’t want to attract attention to certain areas of your body (back, hips), then avoid carry on that part too many decorations, such as pockets with very striking textures designs or oversized pockets.

* For girls who have wide hips, the best choice would be pants carrying five pockets.

* If your problem is the abdomen, then select wear pants that have a low-light cut. Your pants should go to on the other side of the belly, not below or above it. You must also do without pants that are below or above the belly, as the Cowboys.

* For the Petite girls in stature, a good choice would be dark jeans to lengthen the legs more.

* for girls high, straight-cut pants are perfect.

If you are a sporty girl and thus have a sporting body, then my advice to you is that you opt for pants that have wide legs.

* If you want to increase your butt, then I recommend you pants jeans carrying back pockets a little superior having embroidery or embellishments that call attention.

How to select shoes to wear with jeans

Jean is a heavy material, that should be combined with a pair of shoes that are also heavy material, as I could be leather.

Jeans blue or black color, very match a pair of shoes or leather Sandals for a more flirty look for going out at night.

If you are in cold weather, use botinetas or loafers. To achieve a look more formal, it combines the socks with shoes or adds a color that perfect top for a more posh combination.

With boot-cut jeans should be with Texan boots or high boots. To achieve that the fall of the pants is comfortable on the boot, the pants must have wide leg.