How to Choose the Right Bikini For Your Body

The choice of the bikini must not only be according to tastes, colors and designs. You must also choose a swimwear according to your body, depending on what you want to hide or pretend.

How to choose the right bikini for your body

Choose the right bikini

Bikini (or the bikini depending on your country of residence) is the type of swimsuit more chosen by women throughout the world. It is a comfortable, proper, which allows a Tan even and that gives us the possibility to look very attractive figure… provided that you choose the bikini more suited to your body type.


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The mesh or one-piece swimsuits have been the most used in women of a certain age. This is due to it holding the skin loose in the area of the abdomen, and that tends to be less dug to bikinis. But all that has changed now, with bikinis, shorts or panties in court culotte, which conceal the bulky pumps and allow us an even Tan in visible areas.

The bodice is suitable for your body:

  • The bodice of the bikini deserves special attention. You can also find straight swimsuit bodices, with and without metal arches, with accessories and many styles, cuts and shapes.
  • Women with prominent bust can choose among different models of bikini Bras. If possible, choose bodices with rings or arcs, because better govern your bust and give you comfort. Opt for Bras with wide, for same reason shooters, whether they are straight, crossed in the back, or subjects to the nape of the neck in one or two pieces.
  • If you want to conceal the bust size, choose dark colors swimwear, even without details or ornaments, since these provide more volume in your appearance. If, on the other hand, you have little bust, you can then use another range of styles. The bodices with Hoop and filling will give a much more composed and elegant neckline , and will be comfortable if it complex you this part of your body.
  • The triangular bodice, no hoop or arch, as well as the bodices of curtain or thin straps, they help to highlight the neckline, visually widen the area of the chest and shoulders. If you have a little chest, you can opt for a top band or a straight top, with details that conceal the lack of volume, as rings that divide the area of coverage of both breasts.
  • Details in the genre, as the gathers, trims and frills or flown, are ideal to appear more volume in the chest area. Also the small prints and the horizontal stripes will give the appearance of larger breasts.

“It is a garment that allows an even Tan and allows us to show off the figure with great attraction.”

  • If it complex to your belly or your hips, as well as your bubbles, Choose swimsuits with shorts or panties type shorts or wide.
  • The ties and the volatile details along the sides of the Bishop also will help to hide wide hips.
  • Finally, do not dismiss the use of sarongs, that will give you more comfort and confidence in your image.

“The use of sarongs, that will give you comfort and confidence in your picture.”