How to Choose the Best Sports Bra for You

A good grip of the breast at the time of exercise is important and yet we tend not to pay the attention that deserves. For this reason we have decided to dedicate a post to this topic, to give you know the importance of choosing a good bra depending on the size of our chest or sport practice.

The mammary glands are woven fatty with highly mobile, which, without a correct grip, can lead to a break of fibers or even a loosening of ligaments. In addition to not make us feel comfortable in our sport.

Therefore, before we go to the purchase of a bra attracted by its design, we should know for what kind of sport we need it. Depending on the impact you make in this, we will have to opt for one for low impact medium impact or high impact.

In the Group of low-impact sports we could introduce hiking, yoga, gym, pilates.

In the medium-impact we could include riding a bike, skiing, tennis, skating…

And finally, high impact could be running, basketball, sports that require greater movement.

Another aspect to take into account, is the kind of subject’s own bra. They can be compression or gathering. He is recommended the subject by gathering for women with larger breast volume. However, for a low-impact sport, it would be enough a compression clamp.

Now if, once we have clear the type of BRA that we need, we enter into the choice of design. The truth is that today in day you can find many models, colors and designs. We show you a small selection at to help you in the search for the perfect sports bra for each of you.