How to Choose Plus Size Lingerie

Most women ultimately know what clothes will go to their body and personal attitude best. Choosing the perfect skirt is usually associated with the cloak and then the combination of the best high-heeled shoes in the city. But when it comes to more intimate fashion, say underwear, many women are still confused. Your choice of underwear can both highlight and spoil your style, so it is important to know what lingerie will highlight your figure and what is totally going to ruin your outfit. Some models underwear is possible to be designed in order to cover small “problem areas” of the body, but remember that your underwear remains one of the most stylish ways to flaunt sexiest part of the female anatomy. Here are some tips that can be taken into account for the selection of good underwear.
1. Breast size

Let’s face it, the shape of the breast causes the greatest attention than any other part of the body of the woman. For smaller breasts, padded or reinforced bra will make the breasts appear larger.

How to Choose Plus Size Lingerie
2. Legs and thighs
If things there are shorter than desired, select models with high-cut shapes that will create the illusion of longer legs. If you are headed to a sexier, more alluring view, some scanty thong will do a great job. They will not only make your legs look longer, but considerably weaker. Those who hate big thighs, advises you to choose plus size lingerie type “robe” which covers terrestrial completeness and creates a more subtle and slender figure. Stay away from patterns that wrap tightly lower part of your body, as this will only emphasize the roundness. Divert attention from the lower body and head to the top, for example, wearing a bustier or else that enhances your chest.
3. Your belly
If you have a bulging belly, choose a dark color underwear. You can choose black, brown, dark green, and the like. It is best to wear fabrics that are thick, avoid airy and transparent models. Distract from his stomach stressing the shoulders and neck. You can wear light-colored shirt and combine it with something dark below to emphasize upper body.
4. Your hair
The color is what captures the observer at first, so make sure that the chosen color of your underwear is the one that fits best with your hair.
For setlokosi and blonde ladies best befitting weak color shades and pastel tones. For dark-haired beauties best underwear is more saturated or bright shades. Redheads Furies they will look dazzling in dark green and blue or chocolate brown with auburn shades.
5. Arms and shoulders
If you have thick arms and shoulders orientation to lingerie with sleeves or wide straps.
6. Your waist and hips
For women who think they are not good enough curves to show one set of lingerie two parts will do a great job. These kits create the illusion of more oval shapes and curves.
7. Accessories
Whatever you have to disguise accessories will always be among your best partners. Lace, ribbons, jewelry, do not hesitate to add a little style to accentuate its unique shape.