How To Choose Bathing Suit For This Summer?

An essential of the summer season is the swimsuit. However, it is not always easy to choose one before such choice and trends. One, two or three pieces? In Revolución Mama we tell you …

Swimsuit is not only about fashion, but also about comfort. That is the starting point for Viviana Espinoza Zimmermann, costume designer and teacher at the University of the Pacific. “I would say that the choice has a lot to do with making you feel really comfortable with yourself, because the swimsuit is a garment that exposes the feminine corporality in the view of many and many. It’s the moment when we show more, “says the fashion specialist.

Although the season has several proposals and trends, the costume designer says that “today the proposed beauty canons incline to the image of the natural woman, more pure, stronger and imperfect. And this includes them all, which is very inserted in the image worldwide and is observed by important brands on the catwalk, where for example women like the model Winnie Harlow takes their spots caused by vitiligo. In this same line, we also see the image imposed by Julia Roberts on washed face for haute couture, or models with down syndrome that bet on inclusion, also androgenic figures and lately is closer to the urban daily life of our country women Real size XL “, says the expert.

Viviana Espinoza adds that all of this aims to show the “imperfections” that were previously unthought for the catwalk, as part of the naturalness and beauty that we can enhance, accepting and taking advantage of it. “When wearing this to a bathing suit, the important thing would not be to hide our spots, stretch marks, bigger size, sexual tendency or imperfections, but to take them with attitude and security when choosing the swimsuit that best makes us feel it”, He says.

Proposals and trends 2016

The designer indicates that the proposals for this summer 2016 are ample.”We have various forms of clothing, such as seventy bikinis, where the breeches favor a lot this season, since there are higher options, close to the waist and thick hi-kini, which allows better contain and bring to the figure Marking waist and hip, “he explains.

On trends, what marks this season is the Romantic . “This is seen in bathing suits with floral motifs and subtle applications of overlapping cotton lace, many strapless, cross-breasted bras with drawstrings at the center of the bust, or cut necklines with metallic support, which allows for greater neckline between bust and Stylish draped, but watch out! Since it does not serve to swim, warns Viviana Espinoza.

Also continue the seductive Animal Print motifs mixed with exotic jungle .”In that line, the tri-kini with retro rings of tortoiseshell or metals in gold, carry it”, assures the designer.

When looking for the best swimwear for this 2016, the expert also calls to beattentive to the sexy transparency. ” This applied on the rims, usually in black or white,” he says.

Similarly, the classic bikinis are still present in many forms. “Larger, thinner, with different tones, for example: white with black trim, with and without bow to the side, which often allow you to structure your bathing suit in separate pieces,” says Viviana.

All of the above in bright colors or patterns, stamped or smooth, where of course the black and white infaltables remain. “They emphasize yes in this season the emerald green and degraded azulinos”, it emphasizes.

What is very important when choosing the type of support is knowing the body itself. “You have to know that a small bust can afford to wear a lighter bra and that, if desired, you can apply push-ups to stand out. Meanwhile, when the breasts are more voluptuous, you should look for more support in firmer materials, with sponge ideally. Now, if they have not resisted gravity in maternity, it is advisable to choose wider contours and always wear thick thongs and never strapless bra, “he suggests.

Also, if you travel abroad, Viviana Espinoza says that it is good to know that all women wear bathing suits that exhibit a lot. “For example, floss is very common, so a full body swimsuit covered can make you look very strange before so much uncovering. So remember that the important thing is always that you feel comfortable, “he insists.

To conclude, it raises that an extraordinary complement is the pareodesigned in conjunction with the swimsuit. “That, because it keeps a print incomposé , where you can look elegant set. If you want to look spectacularly glamorous, I suggest those made of gauze, the one that ties you like a skirt or dress “, concludes Viviana Espinoza Zimmermann.