How to Choose a Watch for a Man

We bring you five tips on how to choose well watches for men and to make a good impression at work and at meetings. Maybe you’re starting a new career and want to look professional as well-dressed man. Maybe you go for an interview, where you want to leave a good first impression. Whatever is your current situation may be, you should always try to dress like a winner.

There is no doubt that the first impression largely consists also of your clothes and accessories. One of the few fashion accessories that can express your personality are just men’s watches. Watch what you wear tells others not only time, but also something about you.

You do not want to watch your act disturbingly, just want to look good and made a good first impression. Below are a couple of tips on how to select the right ones. If you are interested in vintage watches, you can get tips on pauldigo:

1. Choose a reputable brand

You do not want to wear a cheap watch from discounting. When choosing a watch, you should hold the favorite well-known brands such as. SeikoCasioFestina and Tissot.

2. Choose a watch with a conservative design style

Generally speaking, no unnecessarily flashy watches. Pro interviews or offices usually are no showrooms, so make sure you do not want your watch to detract from you alone.

Casual and sport watches that are perfect for a night in may no longer be entirely suitable for the office or for a job interview. For example, if you’re wearing his best blue suit, surely you will want to watch in the same style.

3. Select a watch with normal-sized casing

The category conservative watches may include those having the control valves 37 to 42 mm thick and are less than 15 mm. To watch that will fit easily under the cuff of your shirt. The watches the Thick 57 mm and 25 mm are completely inappropriate, perhaps only when you go apply for a job at a nightclub DJ.

4. The color of the watch should match the rest of the outfit

Below are some tips on how to align colors:

  • If you have your watch brown belt, you should wear brown shoes and a brown belt trousers.
  • Black or silver strap watch suited to black belt and black shoes.
  • If your watch is decorated in gold, it is good to have a similar color also on the buckle on the belt of his trousers.
  • If you’re wearing a blue suit, you can go to watch with a blue dial.

5. Do not use too expensive watches

If you are working on a prestigious position and going for an interview for an executive position, can give you some expensive brand – eg. Rolex, help fit. However, for the majority of middle managers they are so expensive watch unattainable, so take them in such an environment would be a bad idea.

Your fashion accessories should communicate that you are on the same wavelength as a team of people with which you work and you work.

Finally, watch a small part of what you disclose about yourself. Nevertheless, they should express your reliability and competence. At the same time they should also deliver good feeling and confidence.