How to Choose a Postpartum Girdle

The debate (all female) postpartum ladder is open. There are those who argue that hurt, preventing the perineal reeducation and causing long-term damage, as prolapse and incontinence. There are those who argue that these “things” are necessary to help your abdominal muscles to “bounce back” after pregnancy and childbirth. On the market there are very different products for quality and price, and almost always in the prenatal courses advise against buying headbands or sheaths (except in the case of caesarean section), but without providing further advice.

On the market are basically two things: post natal stretch fabric headbands, and the sheaths. Stretch cotton bands are typically equipped with an adjustable velcro closure (the oldest have the hooks, but distrust them seriously, are uncomfortable and unnecessary), while the sheaths have a reinforced front insert and velcro closures may have or be “simply” rings. Their cost ranges from € 20.00 to € 40.00 for more about the “chic”.

Personally, I use an elastic wrap with adjustable velcro closure and I really enjoyed it, as the adjustable strap can be ad hoc, narrow as we recover our “normal” forms without compressing too, as do the sheaths with insert reinforced front. Can be washed in washing machine and, in this range of accessories, are certainly more practical and cheaper. Of course, I followed some caveats: I did not put the band immediately after giving birth, I waited a few days to “decompress” and not propped open 24 hours out of 24 (especially if it’s hot, it’s a real torture!): when the muscles were starting to make me really bad, wouldn’t take off. I cannot say whether it is about more than the band or breastfeeding (not to mention how it changes life with children in circulation), but my ABS are (almost) as before.