How to Choose a Dress Shirt

1 .choose a color. Are you looking for a shirt to a job interview or just want to see fashion?

  • For a job interview, the choice must be the traditional, conservative colors. A light blue is the best alternative. White is very formal. Grayscale can also make a good contribution.
  • If you want to project a more vivid image, you can maybe try to with semi bright colors like green, orange or pink. Very carefully with the excesses.
  1. Looks for a pattern. Solid colors are considered staples of cabinets, since they are very easy to combine, however, should think about streaks or discrete motifs in shirt.
  • Solid colors are very good, since the ties combine them very well.
  • Shirts with prints are more difficult to combine with neckties. of a single color. Do not mix stripes with pictures.
  1. Choose own style. Looking look more modern? would cause an impression of being a guy that is at the forefront of fashion? Known and defined exactly what you want.
  • A dress shirt is usually a little tighter around the chest and sides. A standard shirt, tends to be a little looser according to Sports shirts, are up a little broad, but narrow at the waist.
  • A standard single neck is the most common. However, it is still quite elegant and perfect for an occasion like a job interview.
  • A slightly more open-neck is a rather modern, and generally sophisticated men use it. They are small, and are a good option if you need project is a very high level of seriousness.

4.Find the right fabric. Linen shirts are perfect for the summer, while the oxford weave with a heavier thread, and therefore have a rougher texture. Cotton is soft, casual and allows you to be more comfortable.

5.Measuring neck size and sleeve length. If you are shopping at a store, sellers will help you easily find your size if you know the lengths of your hands and neck. The tables below are a guideline for the common bottlenecks and approx length of sleeve sizes.