How to Care for Suede Shoes?

Suede is possibly the most delicate care for in a pair of shoes, material because of itself is a texture that attracts stains and that when this occurs it is virtually impossible to get rid of them, this is compounded by being in place possibly more problematic Assembly and therefore more exposed to stains. Yet today we will give some tips when it comes to caring for our loved ones before that so many good shoes sets has given us.

First and most important of all is prevention and is that before acting on the problem, it is better to avoid it completely. There are market ones stain repellent specifically recommended for suede that prevent that tissue absorbs stains completely allowing ease of cleaning and even the absence of this.

Although sometimes and if it is a usual shoe it is impossible to avoid wear and therefore every fortnight or every month depending on the regularity of the sunsets must spend a few minutes tuning them with the following steps:

  • We will pass a clean cloth on the shoe, without scrubbing just by removing the surface layer of dust that may have.
    • With a Suede brush will use metal cells to remove more dirt.
  • Will we pass the cloth using a conditioner if you have it.
    • With the brush plastic part will raise up suede hair using it in the direction of the fall.
    • Use the handkerchief again and apply the repellent leaving it ready until the next time.

As we see it is really simple to give them care need and with just a few minutes can significantly extend the life of them.