How to Bleach a Lingerie

White lingerie is trendy! A white babydoll is chic. They are elegant with a body in white lace. White string reflect your purity. To change from black lingerie and red lingerie, white lingerie perfectly. But over time, white underwear yellow and lose their charm. A solution bleaching. But how to lighten his underwear? We show some tips to help you maintain your white lingerie, go here for details .

How to Bleach a Lingerie


Bleach is known for its qualities laundering clothes. You can also whiten your underwear with bleach. Be aware that too much bleach can yellow your white underwear. Use of this whitening product on the colored laundry is strongly discouraged. Pour 100 ml of bleach to five gallons of water. Enjoy your underwear about five minutes. No more. Then rinse twice. Let your floor dry in the fresh air.

How to Bleach a Lingerie 1

Household Soap

The soap is also appreciated for its virtues bleach. This is a soap, you can use both a washing machine for washing by hand. It’s your decision. For washing, soap sachet of baking powder. For washing hands, cutting chips of soap and place it in a bowl of water. Leave your underwear drying in the sun.

How to Bleach a Lingerie 2


With lemon to whiten his clothes and his white underwear an old recipe grandmother. ” The acid lemon juice promotes money laundering clothes. You can use lemon to a washing machine or hand wash. Using a press, press the lemon. Collect the lemon juice. Pour into the pan. Tank of your machine for a washing machine or dilute it in a bowl of water to wash your hands Rinse twice.
There are other ways to their pale linen: hydrogen peroxide, sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. Select the desired product. Be sure your white lingerie can see all its whiteness and brightness.

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