How to Become a Fashion Blogger and Make Money

Want to be a fashion icon, be photographed with a star and traveling around the world earning well? Then you just have to become a fashion blogger! In this article I will guide you between the various strategies, gives ideas, tips and tricks semi-serious and irreverent to become an it-girl!
Want to be the muse of famous designers who hold you clothes and accessories?

Want to be invited to every social event?

Want to be immortalized by leading photographers next to celebrities and star ?

Want to have your own line of shoes , underwear, curtains, accessories for animals ?

Then you’ll just have to become a fashion blogger!

In this article I will guide you between the various strategies, providing hints, tips and tricks semi-serious and irreverent to become an it-girl loved and hated at the same time by the girls around the world.

What you will learn from this article will provide you with results as early as tomorrow, if you put my advice into practice right away!

Ready? It begins!

1. Stay flat!

Although it shares the root, stiletto is not synonymous with style.

Picture the scene: you are Milan Fashion Week , you are walking on your heel 12 by at least five hours, a photographer is calling for fotografarvi.

The focus is on you, you turn around and walk towards him with making flaky, almost stumbles as well in one of those treacherous porphyry resting on the ground … A bad figure!

I’m not saying to go out with the slippers from the sea, but to broaden your mental boundaries and willingly accept that it is better to reach a low shoe with elegance and ease that a tentative step on heels instead, sortirebbe the sole effect to expose to public ridicule.

Trust me, I learned the hard way!

Colored sneakers , oxfords , boots , moccasins , there is something for all tastes and for all the trend!

CAUTION:  Dancers permitted only if you have the legs of a gazelle!

2. #Selfienation

Ok, maybe at the beginning you can not afford a personal photographer to your followers, or – perhaps – not yet so famous to have the row of sprinters pleading outside your door.

Then? What to do?

There’s no fashion blogger without photos!

So impratichisciti with  selfies !

Never mind that in reality you are slightly different!

  • Position yourself in front of a large window: for professional bias I can safely tell you that it has the same effect as a large photographic lights for speaker, eliminating harsh shadows from her face and making you become immediately more pleasing to the eye;
  • Go to filter!God bless them!
  • Use the functionTilt-shiftand blur everything: cellulite, wrinkles, background clutter;
  • Take photos while you’re lying: the body, facial features and hair relax (do not forget the hashtag #IWokeUpLikeThis!);
  • Do not forget thehashtagin general!

WARNING: to avoid being with the battery ground, buys one of the external charger: many have a very glam design!

3. The dress is not the Monaco, but the fashion blogger yes!

Princess Sissi of Bavaria (the future Elizabeth of Austria) was changed to five times a day, most hardened fashionistas come to three: to you it only takes one outfit , but totally nice and nailed it!

Not to go crazy in front of opened doors – or at the doors of your wardrobe, for the luckiest of you – photographing all your leaders and try to do on the card combinations.

Once you find the combinations , the system clothes in the wardrobe and drawers already designated according to the outfits: you can optimize the time and the space and your look will gain.

Do not forget to mix important leaders and super designer with more pieces easy and simple, maybe taken to market vintage .

CAUTION:  Green light to a whimsical style, but careful not to fall into the ridiculous.

Only Anna dello Russo can afford it, and perhaps even her!

4. The accessory Friend

The most glamorous accessory to be worn under your arm? A friend fashionista !

His sexual orientation is not a prerequisite: that is gay or straight, minimalist chic hipster!

Banditissimo boyfriend to the most fashionable events: at best pass the time to get bored and puffing in the worst – instead – to drool on the models.

Also you want to put with the hassle and inconvenience of not only having to choose his outfit but also to force him with flattery and blackmail to put it.

CAUTION:  do not bring your friend followed either woman could obscure your charm and get in the shade. 

5th FotografiAMO!

Not only forward, but also behind the lens.

We have already talked about how important the right selfies, and also add that it is equally important to share.

Facebook , Instagram , Twitter : they are the most important social networks for a fashion blogger.

Be careful to share not only your outfit, but all the beautiful things around you: sunsets, details, fashion shows, look.

And here we come to the point: procured a SLR and a few hundred euro do shots that will differ from the others.

If you have a blog or website you will need high-resolution photos, in fact.

CAUTION:  A not break it! And what hashtags are with you!

6. Take it seriously

Blogging is not yet fully recognized as a profession, but do not forget that there are some blogs that bill million each year and I’m sure with my tips and your commitment may not become a millionaire, but there you go near!

Take care, some attitudes to keep in mind: you can have all the visibility you want, as long as you know how to behave and make you noticed in the right way.

The essential and not indulge in extreme behavior in various situations: no hysteria of joy to a compliment or a photographer who recognizes you, no gray face when you come across a “colleague.”

Smile, be friendly. do not recognize, really!

WARNING:  It may seem trivial, but try to remember that it is better if you make a good impression with everyone.

7. The right location

Choosing the right location is as important as choosing the right look.

Whether you are with your personal photographer or with a friend or make your selfie alone, make sure you contextualize your presence to the surrounding environment.

There is no right or wrong location: go all right as long as they are consistent with the style of the picture and with the mood of your outfit.

A chaotic road will be fine for your new street outfits, a concrete wall for the new minimal look, the restaurant under the house to be social.

CAUTION:  Do not be repetitive.

8. The Care Accessories

What makes the difference between a fashion blogger and a simple passionate about fashion? The courage .

An accessory is what is unique about even the most basic clothing.

An accessory is what sets you apart from the crowd.

Pick pretty accessories, ironic, funny, unusual.

Remember that the more you are at the top of the social ladder, the more your “malvestire” you will not only forgive, but also praised and imitated.

CAUTION:  Arm yourself with self-irony, and not result in the carnival: it only takes a fancy accessory, while the accessory that should never miss in your wardrobe is good taste.

9. Treat the fans

If your blog goes on and creates profits is exclusively due to two things: to your commitment and to your fans, people that a little ‘you admire and a bit’ envy you, but they are there for you.

Remember to always be kind to them, and – if you have time – to give thanks and to respond to the comments one by one.

Fidelizzerai followers who continue to read you and to share your content.

Snobbarli not, but rather if you can arrange meetings and meetings: it’s an aperitif in the center or a library meeting.

You are there also and above all thanks to them.

CAUTION:  On the Web what you say and what you do can be used against you!

10. Shine bright like a reflex

Ok, it’s a bit’ shabby to say but we’re not here to sugar-coat pills.

If you want to become famous there is one thing you must not fail to do spam .

Basically you have to shine light reflected: exploits the MFW for you to take pictures next to celebrities and stars and exploit the return that you back hashtags spade, said in other blogs, ask your followers to share and to put likes, spamming under profiles of famous people, ask shout-outs .

Train yourself to have a little’chutzpah will not hurt you!

CAUTION:  Do not overdo it, people are not stupid!