How Take Care of Patent Leather Shoes?

In any shoe store, you will always find a pair of patent leather shoes. A shoe that looks very elegant and serves for formal occasions.

Any lover of shoes must have at least one pair in his collection, but unfortunately if not you care for them as it should be, can lose its natural luster.

Today we have prepared for you a series of basic tips that will help you take care of them and keep them much longer, take note!

Clean them regularly

Do it at least weekly. Always use a clean cloth and remove all dust and dirt which may have. There are special products for this type of skin you can also apply to protect the skin and its original appearance according to JUSTINSHOES.

Castor oil

The beauty of patent leather shoes lies in its glossy look. Even so, with the passage of time this may disappear completely. If you notice that this starts to happen, you can take a little castor oil and apply it on the surface.

Use a sponge and SOAP

You can also do this trick in a sporadic manner. Use a little water soapy and clean the surface with a sponge. Always take care that the sponge is not soaked or get much wet skin. Then dry with a cloth dry and ready.

We hope that these tips will serve you and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section.