How Stroll with a Shirt Tied at The Waist without Seeming a Weirdo

Already some time ago that we are seeing as the girls go by tying shirts at the waist as a belt. When I was a teenager and enjoyed in the age of Turkey at its best, I remember that I was also fashionable for cover my backside. But there is no hiding in this new fashion art: because it’s cool. Although we believe it us much so that the formula work, So what how can carry it without appearing a weirdo? Inspiration from these fashion victims that style to each step giving.

And it is that you can wear it in summer as preventive case (if perhaps started an ice cold and) I do not have what to wear). Or simply hiding and wanting only to see Sockets in the waist by way of Home belt. To do this we will use an oversize top jacket.

Pants We use have to be narrow, because otherwise the result will be layers and more layers and We will add volume to our outfit, something that I would personally like to avoid.

What do you think These three cases? The first, simply, I have blown away.