How Dress For a Wedding on the Beach

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Dress up perfectly for a wedding or marriage is a little difficult, and even more so when it is not in a classic place. So I show how to dress for a wedding which will take place on the beach, so don’t hesitate, nor for a moment about what you’ll put so you look beautiful and glamorous.

First you must know the dress code for a wedding on the beach, so don’t be a papelón. So views correctly you should pay close attention to the tips that I’m going to give straight away that they are about clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup and wrap.

  1. the dress:

A day at the beach can be wet, windy and warm, therefore, you will see that this fact the dress material is lightweight and breathable, the jersey or chiffon. The design can be long or short, in that there is not any problem.

What you should keep in mind is that white is completely forbidden to guests, because it is exclusive of the bride. You can choose colors fun such as the aquamarine, coral, yellow, green, pink, blue or have floral prints and this time try to put aside the black. Then I show you a gallery of perfect strapless dresses for a wedding on the beach.

  1. the shoes:

Shoes with heel needle are not suitable for this type of event. So you think or wear. If you do, your feet are going to bury in the sand and you won’t be able, nor walk. It is best that you choose shoes with platform or coined, some ballerinas or flat sandals.

  1. makeup:

Heavily loaded makeup and night is completely prohibited. It is best that you take a makeup natural and fresh.

  1. Accessories:

A colorful necklace you get for a wedding which will take place on the beach. And don’t forget sunglasses and if feel like a hat. It is best that you take a few accessories.

5 wrap:

All very nice with the heat at the beach, but when starts to hide the Sun the panorama changes, and not to mention when the night comes. Is why I recommend that you wear a jacket, but it is has to perfectly match your dress, a scarf or a subtle wrap to wrap up when you do a bit of cold.

With these tips that you have have just given I assure you that you will find the ideal wardrobe so that you go to a wedding which will take place on the beach. It’s time that you deliver your body and think that it is a beach event, so do not forget that your clothes have to be fresh and comfortable at the same time.

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