Headwear Accessories- Beanies

Beanies in pink, gray and blue of element

Beanies are now just as suitable for everyday use, such as T-shirts and jeans. No matter what season it displays in the calendar, a casual headwear always fits and gives you the extra dose of style. And what has been around more practical than a beanie if the hair just does not want to, as you imagine? Blue Tomato has prepared numerous possibilities for you as a “bad hair day” with the matching hat, is the glorious day. (PS: caps may of course also be a “Good hair day” worn!)

Headwear Accessories- Beanies

A beanie is always much appreciated by the skate park as. On the hip-hop festival, on the mountain or in a shopping marathon in downtown Hardly a garment advanced in recent years, so much to the style must-have, like the Woolly Hat!

The term “Beanie” comes from English and is derived from the word “bean”, to German “Bean” from. Colloquially, this means as much as “pear”, referring to simply head on which you are wearing your cap. Today the hoods in men and women are alike, but that was not always so: In the past it was reserved male workers, with a beanie to protect her head from the sun and to keep unwanted hair in place. However, women wore only headbands with a little sun shield. The forerunner of the classic Cap was born.


When were you the last time without Beanie on the mountain for snowboarding? Correct! Caps are simply upside down, like the board under your feet. The Beanie serves not only as protection against the cold, but also as a cool accessory. On cold days, double-layer beanies ensure pleasant warmth on your head, or what with sewn headband made of fleece. For the warmer days of the year chunky hoods and of course those of thin materials are optimal.

Headwear Accessories- Beanies

Decide you need to you only as far as the shape, color and brand. Whether 686, Burton or Billabong – they all have countless variations in the range that will satisfy every taste. But it is important, of course, the style that you dress: Deep in the end and it is pulled over the ears not you cold in the snow storm. Casual few sizes too big, you yourself are impeccably dressed in spring. The popular loose fit as you can by Expand your stretchable beanie with hands, easily conjure itself. You choose what you want to leave a lasting impression with your hat!


The attention to detail plays a major role in Beanies: happy with bobble or brim, in eye-catching designs and colors or materials – the variation possibilities are limitless. So you procure the best immediate overview and find the perfect style for you. Blue Tomato has guaranteed your favorite hat in the range that you will not quickly settle so – summer and winter!