Hayden Panettiere Y Las Mangas-Guantes, Do New Fashion?

A few days ago appeared on the premiere of the new season of Heroes, series which is the protagonist, with a sober style that somehow making it seem larger and less pretty than it is. So for a more “fresh” event as the concert on the beach of Neutrogena Fresch Faces 2008, Hayden decided something else his age.

The young “cheerleader” brought a set of fashion such as the black skinny with a blouse sleeves balloon in purple, which apparently promises to be the color of the season, a few peep – toe black of Christian Louboutin. But wanted to go further and impose a new fashion, that there is to say that already it has attempted, with sleeves added style game in purple gloves.

It has been that in other years attempting to bring this type of manga-guante combined with short sleeves or short jackets and even vests, jerseys but so far had not seen an attempt with balloon-sleeved shirt and I think it is which I liked more. Above all, because Hayden seems to want to show off its 19 years in a good way.

By the way bob feels great.