Hair Wraps Are Still Captivating Models and Bloggers

Posted by admin on July 26, 2017

Looking for a warm coat this winter so crazy, with changes in temperatures that in two days it seems that we go back to the spring, just in the hair wraps which already are not seen so much at this time but the models and the fashion bloggers they are still choosing to combine short. As it is the case of Molly Myrsten, a Swedish model who has that common touch on the models of carrying any piece which goes through something informal for very ornate.

Alice Blomfeldt It is a young Swedish model that is starting (Agency MIKAs, like Molly Myrsten, although this has already jumped to the well-known agency Next) and more breaks with her look for her generous skewers necklace and punk aesthetic which does not seem to be very compatible with the collar of her coat of sheep hair, very hot, that Yes. Again with boots high style Dr. Martens, a classic among models at the fashion weeks.

Finally we are left with Madelene Billman, a blogger, also Swedish, since these three are looks of the fashion week in Stockholm, which opts against the cold in the best possible way: wearing navel inexplicable way.

I navel and the fashion of Bart Simpson as a whole nothing flattering, seeing more snow around.

What you need to do out on the photo. What comparison seeing the models against the blogger.

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