Guide to Wearing Shirt

A must have timeless, necessary in every woman’s wardrobe is undoubtedly the shirt: that’s the right model to choose from, depending on the occasion in which you will wear it.

There is a boss that all women should always have in your closet, along with a nice pair of black pumps: the shirt. The classic white, tightening slightly towards the waist, is a piece of outfits that should always be kept ready because it solves all situations, from informal to more stringent ones.Fortunately the white shirt is not the only model and we can really indulge in this field!

The normcore style, from a few seasons back to prominence, thanks to grunge influences come back into favor since ‘ 90, it forces the Plaid Shirt; is perfect for the outdoors, and our measure that a little bigger, and can be worn on its own, closed to the neck, or we can use it as a sort of jacket left open, with a top or a t shirt. A template to use for recreation is also the typical masculine cut, to be matched with a pair of skinny jeans, denim shorts or cargo pants. Being a leisure wear, what to spend with friends or devoted to dealing with daily tasks, there is no limit to the colors and fantasies but, more than anything, attentive to fabric: always avoid synthetic ones, especially if you have to move a lot. The only suitable shirts exclusively leisure and outings with friends are those in denim: don’t ever use them for work or a party, even the most casual.

The shirt for the office and for more formal situations is unquestionably solid color, in colors like black, blue, Pearl Grey and white; If you love the pastel colors are fine blue, lilac and pink, but avoid loud tones. The cut of the shirt for work at the Office, even when you can pair it with jeans, is preferred over more classical and strict, no frills: in this case, the difference make accessories such as necklaces and earrings. As shown by many celebrities, Emma Watson in Blake Lively, the shirt is perfect for a evening outfit: in this case, wide bright gold tones, but also to the timeless black and classic white, and fabrics like chiffon and silk. In the evening you can “dare” transparencies and prints and imaginative fantasies: as always, depend on the kind of evening that you participate.