Gradient Back on the Market with Cell Phone

CBTD, responsible for the letting and management of brand, will outsource the manufacture of the products

The Brazilian Company of Digital Technology (CBTD), responsible for the letting and management of gradient brand relaunches this Wednesday on entertainment products, in addition to mobile telephony and two tablet models, one of them for children. The price of the tablet will be RS 999.00. The cell phone to be released will target audience families, because it includes a SOS button for emergency calls and GPS tracking to locate children, the elderly and teenagers.

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he company will not produce items, but outsource them with partners. According to the President of the CBTD, Fabio Vianna, the goal is to launch 20 products by the end of the year. The brand’s products will be marketed through an internet site of gradient and in retailers. The e-commerce operation began on Monday with the tablets and Blue-Ray. “The e-commerce must drop in front, until retailers start selling the products from June. We’ve been in negotiation with the major networks, “said Vang, completing” the large-scale retail trade volume and requires conditions more difficult.

The goal of the company for this Christmas is to sell 50% physical retail and 50% on the internet. The CBTD not reported, however, billing and volume projection. “The goal is not to gain market share, but rather focus on a few brands to achieve profitability and to remunerate the shareholders,” he added. The focus of the company will be reaching the middle class.

R $68 million were invested for the establishment of the company, the CBTD, at the end of the first half of 2011. The value refers to the amount of four investors: Development Agency of the State of Amazonas, the American Group and Petros funds Jabil and Funcef. They hold together 60% of the shares of the company, at the bottom (f.i.p.) Cove. The remaining 40% are with the Staub family and minority shareholders. Vianna said the results of the CBTD go even to pay the brand name rental gradient, whose contract is R $389 million.

The Executive would not comment on the strategy of the company to the stock exchange. The day 09, the HAG, the CBTD shareholder, announced that he will present to the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM) application for registration of public offering, addressed to the IGB, Electronics Company minority linked to gradient on the restructuring process. After the TAKEOVER, is canceled the registration as a publicly-traded company of IGB.