Goodbye to The Skinny Boyfriend Jeans

Goodbye to jeans skinny, thank goodness. To my personally retro I love, but the cigarette pants is something with which I can not (well, I have to say that to the supermodels have left very well, but of course, not all are supermodels).

Brands such as Levi’s, G-Star, Replay, and designers of the likes of Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen and Chloe to lead this battalion against “the skinny”. Is clear that when a few e important they get, others end up falling, right?.

This type of pants, anchotes and cutting more to boy, have named them precisely for that, because it seems that you have to borrow your boyfriend.

Are we facing the gradual disappearance of the retro-style? I do not is to think, but it seems as retro as such is running out to give way to transformations and more transformations that will eventually give way to other totally different styles.