Gas, Women Spring Summer Collection

Not all have to be collections of high standing or resorts of Marchena, Lanvin or Fendi, more normal brands also deserve your website. Mainly, because they are the ones that can afford the most, although who knows if someone can fill your wardrobe with the latest models of Lanvin.

Gas It has freshness which calls for a young brand, with a line that blends classic garments in his court, with designs where more risks. As it is to be expected, its main audience is the of the 20 years up to the almost 40, Although rather there is no age limit. I’ve seen older people shopping in this store and better looking items than the younger. It is a brand for all audiences, as they say.

Seeks the target of modern people, want a line different from the rest, with beautifully finished garments and materials of good quality (to highlight the shirts). For this collection, Gas still wants one to Youth female, who likes the informal style and at the same time want to go more carefully than normal.

My Favorites are the dresses having for spring summer, where the brand shows its special design. They are one short dresses to show off legs, and with a few designs where the color is the main attraction. Both with a detail at the waist to avoid being very baggy.

Gas wants that in summer are a kind of gloves I do not distinguish very well in the photo, but that they are not just for hot days. Complemented with conares fine and very colorful, like the dress. And finally the footwear is varied: for days of rain boots cowboy and the rest, open sandals.

Another of the fabrics, according to, it is more dominant in this collection is the cowboy. Whether in the form of jacket, false-pockets and very well located, or in the own jeans, the garment more comfortable and that we tend to repeat more. Gas This preference known and always has great care taken in its line, both making it call Denim.

Can well be combined with everything, in this case presents a pink shirt very soft and with a white shirt Lisa. Other two possible combinations is with a t-shirt of flights and more cleavage, and a slightly wider shirt and brightly colored, with the Orange as the protagonist.

If you still want to go most appropriate in hot days, better a Mini short also Denim, combined with a white jacket and a shirt of pictures mauve. And if you touch a day to party more fixed, have the option of the Joint pants jacket grey, It will certainly be a good choice for those appointments requiring to go most arranged.

Right now, almost is not conceived as a line only remove clothing and nothing of accessories to accompany your clothes. Gas is not going to be less, and choose one shoes where the Bubblegum pink is the main color, either in the form of sandal or more closed.

With a translucent fabric to show off the foot, in white or black, or if you prefer, in shades of mauve, to play with the bag. Another proposal of Gas this time. Although the three tabled are not very bright.

And then, to finish off the set, a few belts in the main colors collection for fashion accessories, such as pink, mauve and black. A catalogue to choose from, you now just think about what is your favorite garment.

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