Garibaldi Internazionale Vintage D3O: Retrofresca For Summer Jacket

Good weather and heat is not synonymous with going out in shirt sleeves and shorts, above all thanks to the wide range of specific clothing for the summer season. Jacket Garibaldi Internazionale Vintage D3O, besides being very cool, maintains the aesthetics of old clothes.

The Garibaldi Internazionale Vintage D3O is made in polyamide mesh, with two large panels on the chest and back, as well as other smaller arms. The rest of the jacket is Traslan PU while the area of the sleeves are reinforced. This gets a piece of very low weight and large capacity to evacuate heat. When we leave on a motorcycle in the morning or already at the sunset, antisweat inner lining allows us cold.

It has protections both shoulders as the elbows. Are of the type 3DO, very flexible to touch (this allows that jacket occupies very little space bent according to APARENTINGBLOG) but do in the event of a coup have a molecular structure that absorbs the energy of the impact. They have approval in 1621.1 as well as in the back pocket to incorporate the trellis Garibaldi Powertector.

To carry objects, embeds two exterior pockets and other two internal, one of them specifically for mobile. The perfect fit is achieved thanks to the adjustment on collar, sleeves, cuffs and low hip, while elbows tissue allows good mobility.

In back features an embroidered logotivo, while the front shield, with the inscription Original Vintage, you can remove or put as you want. Sold only in black, in sizes from XS to the 3XL and at a price of 120,94 euros.